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The Langkawi Witness #MH370

Posted February 27, 2015 at 11:55 AM
What Was Going On at Yubileyniy?

What follows is a witness account from someone in Langkawi, Malaysia. The witness does not wish to be identified and wants no publicity. I’m able to post this because her account also appears in this book (Ch 17), which was published in Sept/2014:

“The night that plane went missing,” Lauren said, “Dale was away. In the night I got up to go to the toilet. It was either about half past two in the morning, or half past four. I’ve never been sure.” She’s looking at Gunung Raya as if she’s looking through a window. “It’s the only plane

I’ve ever seen flying between Mount Raya and the house.” It was a big plane, she said, with a big white light, “going roughly south to north. It went between those two mountains. I thought it must be trying to come round to land at the airport.” It came from the direction of the airport. It disappeared behind a ridge obscuring the rest of Gunung Raya like a buffalo’s back end.

She drew a deep breath. “When I heard about the missing plane, I didn’t know what to do. When Dale’s working I’m out here on my own. I was too scared to tell anyone.” Eventually she spoke about it with her Langkawi landlord. He suggested she take her story to the police. The police had taken her statement. They’d stood on her veranda and seen the view that I was seeing now.

Did her story ice their blood or only mine? Island wide, a plain divided Gunung Mat Cincangr’s Swiss cable cars and Gunung Raya. The airport’s runaway pointed along the plain and towards Lauren’s house. A big plane flying over the road of landslides had not just missed the runway by miles. Its big white light had threaded a flying coffin straight through the eye of a gully’s needle.

If Lauren had seen MH370, it was no crippled craft manned by a man desperately trying to find a safe landing strip. What she described was a pilot hiding from Thai eyes. From Thailand and a porous border bristling with radar units, a plane descends towards Langkawi airport. Then, notlong after it has vanished, from behind Gunung Raya another plane ascends. It leaves the little airport in its wake as it flies away from Thailand and out into the Bay of Bengal. Had the pilot gone on to hide in a Sumatran gully too?”

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