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Question no one seems to want to explore: are #MH370, MH17 & AirAsia linked?

Posted February 25, 2015 at 7:45 PM
What Was Going On at Yubileyniy?


And here’s how a good investigator would proceed:

Fact: MH370 disappeared on March 7, 2014, en route from KL to Beijing.

Question: Have there been any other aviation crashes or disappearances involving Malaysia Airlines recently?

Answer: Yes. One other.

Question: Where?

Answer: Over Ukraine.

Question: When?

Answer: July, 2014. MH17 was shot down en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

Question: Shot down? Do they know who did it?

Answer: By most accounts, it looks like it was the work of Russian-backed separatists using a BUK. But there are some hanging chads. Pieces of the aircraft were left behind by the investigators. Some Dutch journos are asking why. And they’re still trying to identify the origin of the shrapnel found in the pilot’s bodies.

Question: OK. Any other crashes/disappearances related to Malaysia or its national airline recently?

Answer: Not related to Malaysia Airlines, but there’s another.

Question: What airline is that?

Answer: Air Asia (Indonesia) an affiliate of Air Asia Group, which is domiciled in Malaysia.

Question: Where’d that one crash?

Answer: In the Java Sea. It was en route from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore.

Question: When did that crash happen?

Answer: December, 2014.

Question: So hang on — we’ve got three crashes within a year and all three planes were Malaysian-owned?

Answer: Yes.

Question: hmmmm. So would it be fair to say that right now, Malaysia seems to be the common denominator?

Answer: It seems so.

Question: OK. Is there anything else that we know of that ties these planes to Malaysia? People on the planes? Cargo?

Answer: Well, in the case of MH370, cargo’s a big question. Malaysia hasn’t released the full cargo manifest, despite pleas from the next of kin and others to do so.

Question: What about the other two?

Answer: Well, MH17 was blown to bits. But there’s one other thing stands out right now.

Question: What is that?

Answer: A passenger on MH17. She was related to two of Malaysia’s top officials.

Question: Really. Who?

Answer: The Prime Minister and Defense Minister of Malaysia. The passenger was their step-grandmother.

Question: Are you kidding?

Answer: No.

Question: Passenger manifests are not public information. Who would have known she was on MH17?

Answer: Right now, we don’t know.

Question: OK. What about the plane that crashed in the Java Sea.

Answer: Don’t know. Much of the fuselage remains in the water after several failed attempts to lift it. But they did find the black boxes.

Question: Any report on those recordings yet?

Answer: Well, a preliminary report is due out soon, I think. But it won’t include analysis of the two flight recorders.

Question: What? Why not?

Answer: No reason has been given as far as we can tell.

Question: hmmmm. This doesn’t smell right. What’s going on here?

Answer: I don’t know. But it sure feels like someone has it out for Malaysian airlines. Or people in Malaysia.

Answer: I’m inclined to agree. At least based on what you’ve just told me.

Question: Anything else?

Answer: Well, we’ve gotten a report that some blogger in a Chinese online forum warned of a disaster – specifically AirAsia — two weeks before it crashed. And the blogger also said that all Chinese should “avoid Malaysian airline and AirAsia”.

Question: Are you making this up?

Answer: You can’t make this up.

Question: Do you know if the investigators of the crashes involving Malaysia Airlines or AirAsia are looking into that blogger? Who they could be and if that person has possible links to any other groups?

Answer: At this time, we don’t know if those authorities are looking into the Chinese blogger or not. The timing of that post sure doesn’t seem random, though.

Answer: No, it doesn’t. So we should look at it whether the air crash investigators do or not.


Are these three planes related events? Big IF, but right now, doesn’t seem unreasonable to think they might be.

If the three are related, WHO would/could be behind all this? Are we looking at a criminal enterprise, a state actor, a terrorist outfit, what? (SUSPECTS)

WHY would the perps have done this? (MOTIVE)

Did the perps have help?

Are the perps trying to send a message? If so, to whom?

Have we seen the whole show? Or is there MORE coming?

We also need to learn more about this blogger and AirAsia. How did he/she know two weeks before the fact? It also appears the blogger linked MH370 and MH17 to the same entity behind AirAsia 8501 crash. Maybe if we figure out who the blogger is, we can back into more information that will help us blow this thing wide open.

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