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23rd Feb 2015 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] 유노윤호 교육센터, 아프리카 가나에 완공.."땡큐 코리아!"

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho was able to build an Education Center named after him.

Food for the Hungry, the International Relief Organization, revealed on 23rd that it held a ceremony for the completion of 'U-Know Yunho Educational Center' in Ghana, West Africa, with the sponsorship of U-Know Yunho and his fans.
U-Know Yunho was appointed as the honorary embassador for 'Food for the Hungry' in March, 2014, after becoming associated with 'Food for the Hungry' while filming KBS's 'Road for Hope' in Ghana, west Africa, in 2013 with the organization and doing volunteer activities.

'U-Know Yunho Education Center' has been completed on 20th with the donations through this event.
'Food for the Hungry' revealed that Yunho's fan clubs also actively participated by sending donations on occasions such as Yunho's debut anniversary and birthday.
In the completion ceremony for the educational center, the attendees were around 20 VIPs including the king for the Bongo region where Bolgatanga is, the Great Chief of Bolgatanga, the Minister of Education, the chief of the National Police Agency, and around 500 local residents including children.
These people sent gratitude by waving their hands in front of a banner that showed U-Know Yunho's photo and the message that said "Thank you Korea, Thank you, Yunho!".

Bolgatanga region where U-Know Yunho Education Center was built is located in the far north in Ghana.
Goo SeungHeoi who is an active volunteer for 'Food for the Hungry' in that region said, "With the help of U-Know Yunho who is an honorary ambassador for Food for the Hungry, an education center has been built in this region where even food is not enough, not to mention lack of educational environment. From now on, in this facility, about 200 children from this region will study and meals will be provided.”

Naver news http://bit.ly/1a5QmW4

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