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Q= How do you mantain your standards (say no) in your daily life, with the pression of your enviroment?

A= What I learned is that yes, there are times in life when we're going to be in places where we didn't expect to be or didn't planned to but it happens. I think that it is important to have time alone to think about "how i want to be". that's something that I always try to do. I take some time in the mountains or in my room or in the car, in the forest to think who i want to be and what God expects from me or what my family expects from me and I try to think if something happens I always want to be this person and I take the decision before the situation happens. I'm always going to be like this and people respect that. At first, I was afraid "oh no, they are going to make fun of me" but they always always respect it and sometimes they are surprised like "what? you don't do that? really?" I remember someone telling me "that's weird!" and then "but...that's great". I realized that people see it and knows that it is not necessary to do the same things that everyone does. And it doesn't matter if they are members or not, if we spend time with people with good values, who want to be better, we are going to improve too and we always can have that light wherever we go.

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