Gav · @miracleofsound

23rd Feb 2015 from TwitLonger

Hi lovelies,

As of today, I am no longer a freelance contributor at @TheEscapistMag. It’s been a lovely few years and I had the best of times but it’s time for MOS to go out on its own into the big wide world!

This is an extremely amiable, pragmatic mutual business decision that makes sense for both parties. I was not fired or pushed out, there is no bad blood or conflict so please don’t look for drama where there is none. It’s all good!

I wish the team all the best moving forward, you guys have always treated me well and the two Expos I had the pleasure of attending were some of my favourite times and you were some of my favourite people. To the Escapist community – I love you guys. Thanks for helping make MOS what it is today. I hope you can see this as a new beginning rather than an ending. Keep in touch with me on Twitter. Much love! Gav

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