Enough is enough

Ok, I'm calm enough to actually address this now.

Yes, I broke down on the stream. I tried to hold back (and was muted for a bit because I didn't want to cry on stream) but I finally just lost it.

Hey Sarah, did you miss me starting my piece with "I AM GONNA TALK TO YOU AS A WOMAN" before telling people to not say a word about my calling you a woman? I promised that I would not bash you for being trans, and I kept my word. I explained my side of the story, telling you how hurt I was that you were attacking those I cared about. I tried to be NICE to you, and there are over 200 people that can back that up. What do you do? You posted all this shit, calling my friends in the stream horrible things, KNOWING I was reading the chat. There is only so much of that I can take before breaking.

And now you have the nerve to say that I ASKED for it? That I DESERVED to be bullied to tears?

I said it on stream, I'll say it here: I don't give a fuck what your gender is. I don't give a fuck about your sexual orientation. I DO give a fuck about you going after people I care about.

I told you that these guys have been there for me, and I saw this ten fold after leaving the stream. These "sexists" were worried about me. The "sexists" offered kindness and understanding while you and your friends blatantly lied about me behind my back.

I have tried understanding your side. I said point blank that I WANTED to hear your side of the story. (Again, over 200 people can back that up)

I give up.

I have tried my hardest to be at least somewhat sympathetic. I have told off idiots using the GG hashtag for making transphobic/homophobic slurs. And I will continue to do so. Not because of any promise I made to you. But because it's what I've always done.

You lack one of the most basic aspects of being human: Empathy.

In retrospect, it's kinda funny... We were having a chat about sociopathy and what does and doesn't count as symptoms. Then you show up and give us the best example one could ask for.

To everyone leaving kind messages, thank you. You guys are the reason I am still here and I fucking love you guys.

I'm done being nice to aGGros. All I'm doing is driving myself into a deeper depression.

Enough is enough.

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