This is <Peach Orchard>

Hello. This is sulli's fan community <Peach Orchard> @sullicommunity.

First time, We like to open the home page to cheering sulli and give her a warm love. There are not much people in our community and they dont have any problem. Our memebers just express only love to sulli before the Lunar New Years day. So we just believe our memebers will follow our rules that they will not blame anyone in our website. However, several members just break our rule and they blame @sulli94net. Members who blame her are already delete their write so we just check it in capture. Inside of capture, 'She(s94net) just spitting to her face by lying down and she is just a bitch. (ellipsis)' We are so shame that member of our site just blame s94net that pour out a raw criticism. And same height of apology sulli94net after I've heard so much too loud heart sorry.

It is busy and did not manage to operate these communities who know that only an excuse by. Our management is immature because it was my light should do is take the blame, and several days from bid did not have the spirit, and the s94net become sore or wound looks like another pastry was really sorry. Currently a member in person, writing seems one of those who has known members. The only s94net pastry aside we will let you know.

In addition, currently in use as the birthday suport for Sulli will cancel. as is the case in a series of absolutely no progress, I am sorry to let you know that is the point, too. we will refund the money as soon as possible to those members who join to support her. We will contacted as soon as possible so please wait for tomorrow. Foreign fans are also will be returned by PayPal.

A small community, but due to the inexperienced operators have received a wound, and the truth is that my dear light once again sincerely apologize. I'm sorry. My dear accused lawmakers Tuesday of light hypnosis can unlock with one dog can help to assist you.

The truth is my < peach orchard > light's writing that apology after making sure all the private homepage of replacing, in February after all the materials and to stay within the DB, I'll delete it completely closed.

Due to the immature and lame is the unsavory incidents happen, operating sincerely sorry there is only one mind, in particular, the biggest victims of this divine truth is my light pastry once again deeply apologize. I'm sorry.

Again, we are so sorry and we apologize to sulli94net for our heart.

-All Administrators, < peach orchard >.

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