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17th Feb 2015 from TwitLonger

Hey guys,

We're now a day later and some of you may not be aware but i'd like to issue another statement in regards to the controversy around a picture I uploaded and comments i made after. Especially in light of a recent article released by the DOT.

My initial twitlonger reply:

It's been a day and i've actually done some research and reflected on what happened. I completely understand why a lot of my global fans got upset given the cultural implications & history of blackface. And I would like to apologize to anyone that felt that way.

However still stand by the fact that there were no malicious intentions involved. Yet there was a great deal of ignorance on my part.Mostly due to the difference in cultures. And after feeling attacked I think i did make the mistake of "defending" myself improperly. I agree with the DOT article that the usage of the word "butthurt" was plain dumb and shouldn't be used, especially in such a sensitive debate. For that I would like to apologize as well. I can't change my intentions, because they were good & lighthearted, literally just trying to make a friend happy. I can however change how I react to these things and not offend others in doing so. I've learned that lesson and will use it in the future. Note to self: Don't tweet out rash reactions out in the cold on your phone, instead take some time to reflect.

I feel the overall tone of the article is however set to put me in a bad light and I think that's rather sad.

"However, he also talked about how blackface was simply not a "big red flag" like it is in the United States, and that he was insulted that people would call him a racist based off one tweet. In short, he thinks his actions were fine, if a bit insensitive to his global audience."

I just liked to think that my fans knew me better than to immediately think I was mocking such a sensitive subject KNOWINGLY. Therefore I grew defensive instead of taking a step back and looking the bigger picture

I resent the DOT's implication of me thinking my actions were fine. By misusing the quote " If by now you have unfollowed me, i'm perfectly okay with that actually, I stand by everything I do." I meant that my intentions were pure & by no means meant for harm. Obviously the situation in itself could & should have been handled better.

Honestly I think it all boils down to how you want to approach this situation, if you truely want to make me out to be this horrible person, I think you can find your ammunition. But i'd like to have the benefit of the doubt here. Just wanted to shed some light on what happened.

Once again i'd like to apologise to anyone I have offended. Both with my actions and reactions. Know that there was no harm meant yet at the same time I understand if people were, rightfully so, upset.

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