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17th Feb 2015 from TwitLonger

About that Petition for Kotaku/Polygon

So there is currently a petition floating around addressing the folks at Kotaku/Polygon to attempt to breech the gap between gamers (most notably gamergaters) and the journalists at these websites.

If you're curious about this petition, you can find it here:

The petition in very direct terms blames these websites for the rift that was created, most notably referring to the Law and Order SVU episode about gamergate. It says it is their responsibility to help mend this wound.

People are looking to me to endorse this thing, and for good reason. They want me to call this the olive branch and to help put pressure in creating the outcome i've always wanted; For this whole gamergate thing to finally end and for us to get back on the path of fixing the industry.

When gamergate happened, a lot of things happened to me. Gamergate took a toll on my mental and physical well being. I was harassed. I was doxxed. We received death threats. People always presume it was from those nasty 'gators'. they are wrong, it came from both sides. No matter.

I decided a long time ago to shut down, shut up, and go back to business as usual. I've decided to ignore gamergate as a whole and just focus on my own personal 'gets'. some of which align with what a lot of gamergaters want. Most notably; a cleaner and more inclusive gaming culture, as well as a cleaner and less corrupt gaming press.

Because of this I have entirely written Kotaku and Polygon out of my personal equation. I do not read their websites. I do not care. This is PARTICULARLY difficult to do because for a very long time, I really loved Kotaku. I loved the writers there. I loved the people. They also seemed to love me. All those things seem to change though when they perceived me as 'one of those nasty gators' simply because I didn't tow the line. No matter.

I don't THINK about kotaku or polygon any more. I don't read their articles. I don't care what they do or so. It just doesn't really factor into how I do my job or how I play games. I do me and I let them do them.

I wish I did not feel this way. I wish I could wholeheartedly endorse this petition hoping that they'll comply and we can fix this shit. I wish I still felt that the folks at Kotaku were friends, if not peers. Now I just don't think of them at all. I hope one day they decide that they want to breech the gap that has been created between us, but most likely they don't care either way.

A long time ago Kotaku asked me to stop by and hang out in their offices. I can't imagine that they still feel that way about me, but I sure wish they did. I'd love to rebuild that bridge. but I won't sign a petition begging them to do so.

Best of luck,

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