#Gamergate, SVU and Narrative by @oliverbcampbell

**This is collected from tweets made by Oliver Campbell, in response to Law and Oder SVU episode and the media narrative that informed it. I thought his sentiment was articulate and important to be collated and shared. I hope you enjoy the righteous and deserved fury**

So let's try this on for size: Why the fuck are you shocked that gaming was demonized in SVU, game journalists? YOU TOLD THEM THIS. You, game journalists, are the ones that pitched this stupid-ass narrative to the whole world. You have No one to blame but yourselves.
In fact, let's go over the checklist of shit that game journalists have called gamers:

-Less than human

And you have the NERVE to be fucking shocked? Goddamn, you motherfuckers really ARE dense and lack self-awareness. Congratulations. Now, game journalists, you have put YOURSELVES in the position of being the ringleaders of every horrible thing you accused gamers of. Because guess what game journalists: You're terrorists now. You peddle the games. you're the ones that tell everyone else what to play. I bet that ethics in journalism joke ain't so fucking funny anymore, is it? I wouldn't go crying to the hardcore gamers, either. You'll just be met by a Rorschach-style response. "No."

And you know my favorite part of that episode? I'm glad they name dropped Kotaku. Because now people are going to go looking. So I'm just going to sit here and watch you play damage control. What are you gonna do, blame Gamergate? Nah, blame Ice-T :^)

Because that's what you told them. Because that's what YOU told them.

If you needed the reminder: You ARE justified in feeling upset and betrayed by the media. These people have tried to tell you for 6 fucking months to be responsible journalists. THAT'S ALL THEY EVER WANTED. You created a dumb-as-fuck narrative, and now you're goddamn SURPRISED that people believed it. So #gamergate gets new delicious memes. Journalists get to look like people that do terrorist propaganda. 'Because women in gaming'.

So. Developers. How do you feel knowing that game journalists just made demons out of you AND your careers? How's that K.O.B.S. coming? And to think; this all could have been avoided with a simple apology, some conversation, and promises to TRY to do your goddamn jobs better. If you had done those things MONTHS AGO, back in August, we wouldn't be where we are. We have gone WAY past those points now. The worst part now hasn't even been the initial fuck-up; it's been your horrible response to negative reader and customer feedback. Now all these people know one undoubtedly true thing about you; you are some SMUG motherfuckers without an ounce of humility in you. When you have hundreds thousands of customers and readers pissed at you, maybe, JUST MAYBE, you need to stop and consider why. Your response? "Let's tell a bunch of fucking lies about them!". That will surely calm them down." Who's fucking brainchild was that?!

And since I'm still here, let's keep talking about that response. At NO POINT did anyone go, "Maybe this isn't working as intended." You kept throwing fuel on the fire and let a bunch of dumb-ass people, people who represent your brands, act a goddamn fool on your behalf. Tell me, has ANY of this hubris and your bullshit lies been worth the monetary hit? We all know Gawker is a few MILLION short now. You've had some of the people with the worst character i have ever witnessed representing your brands, & doing a terrible fucking job at it. In one fell swoop, you have quite literally pissed off every POSSIBLE demographic on earth with this made-up, trumped-up bullshit. I don't think any of this thought it was possible to fail that fucking hard. But shows what we all knew; fail potential is infinite. Every single one of you journalists who have been involved in this situation, have proven to the whole world how much of a joke you are, You have constantly and consistently shown the world that you are hypocritical, constantly utilize double standards, and move goal posts. You have shown the entire world that you are EVERYTHING that represents unprofessional behavior for so-called professionals. If you game journalists are the 'professionals', holy fucking Christ I don't want to see the amateurs.

You have done EVERYTHING at this point, save for one thing: Telling the truth. You don't seem to get it. You don't run this industry, you don't dictate its trends. the people you tried to character assassinate do. You thought you were going to be big dogs and bite; turns out you're just a bunch of puppies with tails between your legs. EVERY single one of these gamers? They're fucking diamond dogs. They bite fucking HARD and are made in heat and pressure. 6 months down the line, and STILL you haven't said, "Maybe we fucked this up." You spit in the face of any journo who suggested you did. Even worse, you got to sit here and watch another journalist from NBC fuck-up big time... and that shit got squashed. FAST. Take a FUCKING HINT. Bigger, badder, way more roughneck journalists don't take ANY of the shit you've pulled lightly. And here's your myriad truth, game journalists: You are a fucking joke to everyone else in the profession of journalism. The punchline. Yeah, gaming DID get set back, but It wasn't the developers OR the gamers who caused it. You did it, game journalists. Thanks for nothing.

Now, someone hand me my controller. It's the one that says 'bad motherfucker' on it.

**Bravo Oliver***

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