50 Shades Of Grey from a different perspective

I know a lot of you out there are against the fifty shades of grey hype and are struggling to see why anyone on this planet would want to go see it, especially on Valentines Day but I stand before you as one of these people and I'd like to try and explain my perspective whilst respecting yours.

I first read the books before the real hype started, I read them all in a very short space of time but not for arousal simply out of curiosity. The first one I struggled through as I felt like it was solely concentrating on cramming as much sex into the book as possible however I thoroughly enjoyed the second and the third one which presented more of a story line.

Ok so I want to begin with the fact Christian Grey has a mental health illness, that's stated in the book several times, he see's a therapist to help him with the illness and this is why he acts the way he does with Anastasia, why when she pushes for something more real he cannot act like a general partner to her. For choice of a better words it's like she's helping him to participate in a relationship he thought he never would be able to do. The story line is he suffered lot's of trauma as a child that has followed him into adulthood...this is something very real, when someone suffers a childhood trauma it can cause them to act differently in situations and also in relationships with people.

I know a lot of people touch on the fact that in the first book it's a bit all over the place and then he rapes her and for some/most/majority people this isn't very nice.....but in other books people murder people, should we rise against these books too?
Recently someone stated that these books could cause copy cat behaviour from men copying a Christian Grey style attitude and raping people and what I say to that is...if men read a book and think that it's ok to rape people then we need to educate men further, which is something I already believe and have always believed. Men needed to be thoroughly educated on rape to protect women.

Another thing people are worried about is that people participating in BDSM will get a bad name for the scenes in the book that are 'abusive'.
BDSM is a relationship built off trust an respect, that's one thing everyone should know and always involves a safe word so no one gets hurt. This is what Christian tries and fails to do with Anastasia however in book 1 or book 2 when they discuss his past relationships he goes into a little detail about his past BDSM relationships including the contract, safe word, trust and respect (a true BDSM relationship).

I believe if this book had just been about a BDSM relationship it wouldn't have been as successful as it is now.

And finally, some topics of the books are very sensitive and upsetting however I don't think I can endorse the amount of 'hate' and the name calling I have undergone because I am going to see the film with friends. It's a film, it's entertainment and I am curious to see how it's been creatively adapted into a film.

I respect everyone's opinions and would never inflict any hate on someone of a different opinion even though that is what I'm experiencing now.

Ffion x

***This is not meant to offend, this is just for people who cannot understand why I'm going to see it

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