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11th Feb 2015 from TwitLonger

[NEWS] Police arrest Lovelyz Seo Jisoo's cyberbully...

The netizen that spread malicious rumours about rookie girl group Lovelyz' member Seo Jisoo (20) has been arrested by police.

Last month at Seoul Mapo District Police Station, the person who circulated malicious rumours about Seo Jisoo was charged and it was revealed on the 11th that A is being charged by the prosecution.

According to the police, in November of last year before (Lovelyz') debut, A was accused of posting unconfirmed, false content about Seo Jisoo online.

Based on the evidence submitted by Woollim Entertainment, the IP address was traced to arrest the circulator and the focus now is to begin wrapping up the investigation.

Police officials stated to Starnews, "In order to close the case, it was sent to the prosecution. Until the final sentence of the prosecution comes out, we cannot reveal their identity."

In November of last year, malicious rumours regarding Seo Jisoo spread rapidly on online sites. A female that was thought to be a past aquaintance (of Seo Jisoo) claimed that she dated Seo Jisoo during their school days. She implied that she was a victim of sexual abuse by Seo Jisoo through unconfirmed content, causing a controversy to start.

Subsequently, on November 10th of last year at Seoul Mapo District Police Station, Seo Jisoo requested punishment for the circulator of the malicious rumours and filed a complaint.

Due to the psychological trauma that Seo Jisoo has received, her activities are tentatively on hold.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz, who debuted on November 17th of last year with their full album 'Girls' Invasion,' are planning to release their repackaged album around March and resume their activities.

The recent comeback teaser photo shows the legs of 7 girls but Seo Jisoo has not withdrawn from the group. In response to the doubts, their company said, "Until the prosecution's investigation result comes out, they will continue as 7."

Translated by: @keiyeons

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