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Kpopstarz Chinese 2015.02.09
Exclusive interview with Peter Malick: The music connection with Jung Yong Hwa

There is a little side story to this interview. Actually, we had already contacted Mr. Peter Malick as early as last May when Jung Yonghwa flew to LA and met Peter Malick, hoping he could reveal something about their collaboration. However, Peter politely declined our interview at that time, perhaps he did not wish to discuss in order to keep the collaboration under wraps. Now that Jung Yonghwa’s album has been released, Peter graciously accepted our request for an interview.

Peter participated in the production of the last song in Jung Yonghwa’s solo album, 27 Years, and he is also the sole Western musician to be invited to collaborate. Since Jung Yonghwa met Peter in LA last year, we noticed that Peter often interacts with Jung Yonghwa and his fans on Twitter. This made us very curious. Why did Peter choose to work with Jung Yonghwa? Does he understand Kpop? Perhaps you will find the answers after reading this interview.

Q: Did you know Jung Yonghwa or CNBLUE before meeting Jung Yonghwa? Have you listened to Kpop before?
Peter Malick: I have been a Kpop fan for almost 2 years, thus I have indeed listened to different genres of Kpop songs. But I must admit that regardless of the song genre, there are many songs that I wish to listen to have not. When I am producing or mixing music, I would typically work 10-12 hours daily. When I finish my work, I wish to return to peacefulness and spend more time with family. Therefore, when I am busy at work, I rarely have the chance to listen to new music. I did not know of CNBLUE until I received a signed copy of Can’t Stop album. That was before I met Yonghwa in May. I feel that Can’t Stop is a very great album.

Q: Why did you choose to collaborate with Jung Yonghwa on his solo?
Peter Malick: I like Can’t Stop very much, and I am shocked by CNBLUE’s musical talent. They became an outstanding band through street performances. I feel that hard work is a necessary path to take on the journey towards higher artistic skills and success. Yonghwa and his members were willing to work for it, which left a deep impression on me. When I met Yonghwa, I felt that he was a very nice person. Hence, I simply decided to work with him. I am very honoured to be able to participate in the production of his new album.

Q: As a producer, how would you evaluate Jung Yonghwa’s music?
Peter Malick: Music should be meaningful, music should be able to excite people’s hearts, music should also express emotions. As a producer, after listening to a song, I will evaluate its production in such a way: “I like the sound of the guitar, but the drums is too weak.” But at the end of the day, these details are all not important. The important thing is whether this song can capture the listeners, whether the singer can attract people. I discovered that Yonghwa’s music is very powerful. He is an artiste that leaves a deep impression on people. He loves his fans and the music he composes also attracts people. During our collaboration, I noticed that many Yonghwa fans started to follow me on Twitter. This made me feel that Yonghwa’s fans are also a great bunch. They do not use harsh words on people, they are simply a group of positive people who like Yonghwa. This is very special.

Q: Have you listened to Jung Yonghwa’s full album? Besides 27 Years, which other songs do you like?
Peter Malick: I like the whole album. But if I had to choose a song, it would be Mileage. I like the melody and YDG’s rap, I like the feeling that this song conveys.

Q: Please share your views on Kpop and Kpop in American market.
Peter Malick: To be honest, I don’t know how to answer. I wanted to attend KCON last year but wasn’t able to. I am the type of person who stays in my studio a lot so I watch very few live performances. However, I feel that Kpop is growing in strength in America. Kpop draws people in and is very infectious. My 14 years old daughter, Grace, has never listened to Kpop before but she has now turned into a Yonghwa fan. She is also learning more about Kpop.

We did not want to impose on Peter Malick further due to his busy schedule. But from this interview, we can see his affirmation of Jung Yonghwa and CNBLUE music. We hope Peter Malick can have more music collaboration with CNBLUE or other Kpop artistes in future.

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