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5th Feb 2015 from TwitLonger

GRACE Response to Suggestion it Act as a Third Party Mediator

In recent days, GRACE has learned that there have been some who have been suggesting that we be retained to investigate and/or mediate the ongoing public dispute relating to Tony Jones and his former wife, Julie. There is little doubt that the claims made by both parties and their respective supporters involve extremely serious issues.

Though we deeply appreciate the confidence placed upon our work, GRACE is not in the position to provide assistance in bringing any type of resolution or closure to this situation. Our independent investigative work has been limited to abuse related matters involving institutions and organizations, not disputes between individuals. Furthermore, after recently completing a 23-month independent investigation process, GRACE is taking time to focus on completing some important projects that were put on hold during that investigation.

Finally, the civil court that handled the marriage dissolution is best equipped to help them address any unresolved issues related to the marriage. The intensifying public engagement by those who support these two individuals, coupled with the increasing threats of lawsuits, is undoubtedly creating a deteriorating environment that will make any type of resolution or closure that much more difficult to achieve. Additionally, those who are intending to demonstrate public support may actually end up contributing to deeper pain.

Taking a step back from the public discourse on the particularities of this situation, while providing much needed private support and assistance, may be the best way to help these two individuals to seek substantive find some degree of healthy closure. That is our prayer.
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