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GUYS HERE IS THE TRUE REASON WHY I LEFT PTV SPORTS... WHATEVER THEY ARE POSTING (which they did now.. just now) ARE BASELESS AND WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. They even tried to come up with a bogus Twitter account to harass and post untrue accusations me.

You decide.

January 6, 2015
General Manager
PTV Network, Incorporated
PTV complex
Visayas Ave.,
Quezon City
Dear Mr. Dongga-as,
It is unfortunate that my contract as main anchor of PTV Sports will not be renewed by Sports Division Officer-in-Charge Alberto S. Marbella.
To tell you frankly, I have nothing against this, but what really bothers me is that I am being eased out for reasons that are not related to my performance in the program.
I have been working as an on-cam talent of PTV Sports since the show's inception in March 2006.
In all humility, I have been a virtual one-man crew for the program, serving as its head writer and reporter. There were occasions when I even went beyond the call of duty and acted as a cameraman and video editor on the field. I even used my personal resources and money just to ensure that the program remains vibrant and pockmarked with information without additional cost to the station. All these things I did because of my inherent love for the program. The sacrifices have borne fruits, as evidenced by the various awards and the hordes of followers the show has generated through the years.
However, sans a valid explanation, Mr. Marbella decided on renewing my contract.
It is my ardent belief that the planned non-renewal of my contract is based on whimsical and capricious grounds only Mr. Marbella can concoct. Moreover, it is used as a smokescreen by Mr. Marbella to divert the attention from irregularities he has lately been committing.
On this note, I am bringing to your attention the irregularities committed by Mr. Marbella which I believe amount to abuse of authority, dishonesty and even grave misconduct.
Mr. Marbella’s animosity towards me was clearly triggered by the incident where I questioned his failure to produce the money amounting to Php 15,000.00 which was donated by a friend for the purpose of being raffled off during the Christmas party. Apparently acting on his own volition, Mr. Marbella decided to distribute the supposed cash prize to a few members in our division, which the donor Engineer Bong Sual found rather perplexing. Engr. Sual, incidentally, called me to ask if the money he donated specifically went to the office raffle. To this end, Sports Radio reporter Judith Caringal is willing to testify on this allegation as she was the one tasked by Mr. Sual to hand over the said amount to our office.
Ultimately, I learned that Mr. Marbella distributed one thousand pesos each to only eight (8) members of our staff, obviously pocketing the bulk of the amount for himself.
From then on, Mr. Marbella has been itching to get back at me. He even went to the extent of informing my wife via text message that he is not renewing my contract because I did not 'protect' him from his wrongdoing. Attached herein is a photo of the said text message.
Mr. Marbella has also been spreading false accusations against me that are simply based on insinuation, if not outright hallucination, to the extent of posting curses and derogatory remarks on my Facebook account that is truly unbecoming of his position. Attached are the screenshots of his posts.
It has also come to my knowledge that Mr. Marbella tha he would regularly use our office’s revolving fund for his personal use, leaving our production unit deprived of essential support materials like ink, coupon bonds, computer monitor, hard disks and other supplies.
Also, reliable sources informed me that Mr. Marbella also abandoned his duties in our daily program to moonlight as a contracted production team member, re: acting as programming officer of TV5 during 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2011 Indonesian SEA Games, 2012 London Olympics, 2013 Myanmar SEA Games, 2014 Sochi Winter Games and 2014 Incheon Asian Games in South Korea. He worked at the said private television network within his mandated working hours at PTV, more so, during occasions when he had supposedly timed in at the office. The contracts Mr. Marbella entered into with TV5 can be readily secured from the said channel. This offense clearly constitutes gross misconduct and dishonesty which are punishable by dismissal from the service under Civil Service laws. The fact that he did it on several occasions underlines his propensity to commit such irregularities.
These are just some of his irregularities which he is trying to cover up and which I believe are the real reasons why Mr. Marbella is moving heaven and earth to ease me out of my position. I believe that the appropriate action and sanction should be imposed upon Mr. Marbella.
To reiterate, I have no problem with my contract not being renewed. However, it is my intention to convey to you the irregularities of Mr. Marbella as he has been using the same to discriminate against talents like myself. If he can do this to me, he can do it to virtually anyone in the office. I have no qualms about leaving the program, but let it be based on real and valid reasons, and not on the capriciousness of Mr. Marbella.
Nililinaw ko po, hindi po ako kapit-tuko sa trabaho na ito. Ang sa akin lang, kung tatanggalin niya ako, dapat ito ay base sa merito at may maliwanag na dahilan.
PTV Sports would not have lasted nine (9) years and gathered high ratings if I was doing it all wrong. Modesty aside, I have become one of the most popular sports reporters in the country today, both on-cam and via the social media, because of this program. While I acknowledge that nothing lasts forever, I owe the program so much that I cannot just leave it because of the capriciousness and abuse of power committed by just one individual.
I trust and pray that you act on the wrongdoings committed on my person by Mr. Marbella.

Very truly yours,

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