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30th Jan 2015 from TwitLonger

California Propaganda War Against eCigs!

California Call To Action!

So the full on propaganda war against vaping through outright lies and fiction for an entire state is now completely under way. The time to stand up and to counter, hound and make those who spread lies pay a price for doing so is NOW!

We are under attack and this is very real.

If you don’t know that California is a trend setting state then you don’t know your history. New York and California were the first states in America to push for and pass the most draconian anti tobacco laws in the US if not the world and everything spread out from those two states. We MUST counter the lies and do so whenever they are spoken or written.

What is at stake here is not just ecig use in California, it is ecig use everywhere in the world. The lies being told are part of a very well thought out plan and being used by a very well oiled and practiced machine. It’s been used to spread continuous and every increasing lies about combustable tobacco smoke and is now being used to lie about ecigs. These lies will spread like whispers and are already doing so and having the desired effect in that the general perception of ecigs being obviously safer than combustable tobacco cigarettes is falling and doing so fast. The well oiled machine

“The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it” This saying is a universal truth when practiced by mass dissemination of information throughout human history. We live in an age where the ability to spread truth could not be easier. The ability to communicate with other people and to make those who lie pay a price for doing so and those who follow them to see an alternate perspective could not be easier thanks to technology.

Make your voice heard! If you see a lie, counter it with truth, take 5 minutes out of your day to look at the lies being spread on social media and do something about it, the very act of doing so will inspire others to do likewise.

Some background to this so you know what we are up against and who to harass with the truth.

This all started in San Francisco earlier this month with San Francisco Tobacco Free, an anti tobacco organisation there which started a campaign against the facts of vaping, plastering pictorial banners all over public transportation there. This exposure to lies is a constant bombardment that is unavoidable the general public, to think it has no effect is naivety. San Francisco has 5 known businesses in it selling ecigs and perhaps a 6th that is online only. The reactionary propaganda war that started there is beyond the pale of what is reasonable in reaction to the reality of the market and ecig use in the area.

No coincidence then that the Senator Mark Leno is a representative from San Francisco and is now all over social media and the news proposing a bill to further limit ecig use in the state, spouting lies everywhere he can.

SF Tobacco Free’s Campaign material
@sftobaccofree  on twitter on FB their site

Sen. Mark Leno’s words on ecig use to champion his Bill can be seen and heard through links below
@MarkLeno on twitter facebook website

These lies are also being bolstered by California Department Of Public Health with this and this
@capublichealth on twitter on FB website
From that department, is an efficacious liar named Dr Ron Chapman who is quoted all over the negative articles in the links above. Only contact details found for hi are (707) 784-8600 (Office)
(707) 421-6618 (Fax) to his practice, feel free to send him faxes of ecig studies to run his paper out. is to a list of all elected representatives for California. Please hound these people with the truth, do not let Mark Leno or the CA Department of Health continue to spread lies and misinformation in order to push the agenda of not just the propose Bill but to help spread the cancer of lies across the world and more and more media publications help spread it across the globe. Hound those media outlets above and where you see them spread the lies, hound the writers of the articles with the truth, make them practice journalism, make them remember who Edward R Murrow is and how they’re desecrating the man’s legacy by not doing research before writing or presenting both sides of an argument so that people can make their own choices based on all perspectives.

More to be added in time and Thank You, please spread the word!


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