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25th Jan 2015 from TwitLonger

You really just crossed a line with that tweet @KeemstarX. So I am going to post our entire DMs so that you can be exposed for the fraud that you are. A kid named Archer spread rumors about me that got back to my wife. This is the SAME kid who stole the Gamertags of the Pros and also leaked our fake IP to Jordie trying to get us DDoSed. I reached out to you in an effort to make sure my wife had ZERO doubt about the validity of the kids accusations.

Truly can't believe you just tweeted that. As for the fake picture I tweeted, if it was fake. I don't take the time to check if its fake. Even if it is fake you called soldiers a coward by the stance you are taking on this. You are trying to piece together arguments that have no bearing on each other and use them all to say that our military men are not the brave heroes we are taught to respect. For you to try to defile our soldiers and take small instances where soldiers did something wrong or where our government made mistakes and to use them to make a black and white argument about our entire armed forces is not ignorant, no that's to nice of a word. Its the most RETARDED thing I have ever had the displeasure of reading/listening to. Whats sad is some of your points are valid about our military and even our government, but you twist them and turn them into something that is completely untrue. That the men and women that server in our military are not there to protect this great country.

So here are the pics of the DMs with this loser. Some idiot tries to tell your wife that you cheated you would also do the same damn thing. Called being a damn good husband. Now fuck you Keemstar.


PS. You are banned from anything involving UMG for life. Bye now.

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