More testimony of Epstein threatening witnesses pg 10 [8/?)

"On August 21, 2007, FBI Special Agents E. Nesbitt Kuyrkendall and Jason Richards
traveled to the home of Leslie Groff to serve her with a federal grand jury subpoena
with an investigation pending in the Southern.District of Florida. Ms. Groff works as
the personal assistant of the defendant. Ms. Groff began speaking with the agents and
then excused herself to go upstairs to check on her sleeping child. While upstairs, Ms.
Groff telephoned the defendant, Jeffrey Epstein, and informed him that the FBI agents
were at her home. Mr. Epstein instructed Ms. Groff not to speak with the agents and
reprimanded her for allowing them into her home. Mr. Epstein applied pressure to keep
Ms. Groff from complying with the grand jury subpoenas that the agents had served
upon her. In particular, Mr. Epstein warned Ms. Groff against turning over documents
and electronic evidence responsive to the subpoena and pressured her to delay her
appearance before the grand jury in the Southern District of Florida. This conversation
occurred when Mr. Epstein was aboard his privately owned civilian aircraft in Miami in
the Southern District of Florida. His pilot had filed a flight plan showing the parties
were about to return to Teterboro, NJ. After the conversation with Ms. Groff, Mr.
Epstein became concerned that the FBI would try to serve his traveling companion,
Nadia Marcinkova, with a similar grand jury subpoena. In fact, the agents were preparing to serve Ms. Marcinkova with a target letter when the flight landed in
Teterboro. Mr. Epstein then redirected his airplane, making the pilot file a new flight
plan to travel to the US Virgin Islands instead of the New York City area, thereby
keeping the Special Agents from serving the target letter on Nadia Marcinkova. During
the flight, the defendant verbally harassed Ms. Marcinkova, harassing and pressuring
her not to cooperate with the grand jury’s investigation, thereby hindering and
dissuading her from reporting the commission of a violation of federal law to a law
enforcement officer, namely, Special Agents of the FBI. Epstein also threatened and
harassed Sarah Kellen against cooperating against him as well."

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