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17th Jan 2015 from TwitLonger

Female humans still exist, vaginas and all

Let me explain to you why referring to the biological classification of women as female humans - humans with female reproductive systems - as "essentialist" or "determinist" or "reductive" - is so fucking offensive.*

Over half of human beings are born with female reproductive systems.

Yes, we are treated from birth as second class citizens because we have the potential to incubate human fetuses in our bodies, and men want to control that potential.

No, that sexist socialization, done in service of resource extraction, is in no way *innate* to that reproductive potential.

Whether or not you "allow" us to have a FREAKING CATEGORY for ourselves, whether or not you allow us EVEN ONE WORD for that category, we still have that reproductive potential. We are still born into and live out our days within female bodies. And given that these bodies are in fact distinguished from male bodies by having a capability male bodies DO NOT HAVE, there is no reason - at all - for us to be ashamed of our bodies.

When you act like simply allowing women a biological category - complete with a name and everything! - means we must somehow *go along* with the *bullshit socialization* imposed on that category, you make it seem like women's liberation is dependent ON REFUSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE TRUTH OF OUR OWN BODIES. Like if we even so much as whisper an acknowledgement that we *can* make babies - which men cannot - then making babies is *all* we can do & furthermore we are required to do it... WTF?

Sorry-not-sorry. That we have an ability men lack *does not mean* we have to pretend 1) that ability is a handicap and/or 2) that ability is an obligation and/or 3) that ability isn't important enough to name.

Actual real life liberation politics - as opposed to pathetic, moronic posturing on Twitter - don't require lies, nor the at-all-costs assuagement of male egos.

Fuck you.


*And also fuck off with your infertility and intersex derails. Nobody used either of those conditions to empty the word "woman" of all meaning until MALES wanted into all female spaces.

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