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Mysterious "suicide" of the officer in charge of Charlie Hebdo-Jeannette Bougrab connection

Exclusive. Panamza gathered the disturbing testimony of the family of Helric Fredou, Police Commissioner to prepare a report on the family environment of Charlie Hebdo, and found dead with a bullet in the head a few hours after the attack.
On 01/16/2015 at 10:59
A lead weight in France, a subject of interrogation abroad.
Such is the contrast media about the announcement of the "suicide" of a police officer involved in the investigation into the shooting at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo.
The millions of viewers of the show Daily News & Analysis (DNA) of the Indian channel Zee News, as well as 150,000 subscribers YouTube account of the antenna were able to discover what the French have been denied to date: a audiovisual report devoted to a past case ignored by the national media.

Thursday, January 8, local press Limoges (Le Populaire, France Bleu Limousin and France 3) reported the death of a man named Helric Fredou. Aged 44 years, deputy director of the Regional Service of Judicial Police was found dead in his office yesterday, around 1am. He would have shot himself in the head with his service weapon.
The police commissioners union responded through the publication of a statement.
The next day it was the turn of Paris to discuss the new emphasis, as the local media about the alleged "depression" of Helric Fredou.
"The rotten paper," retorts the deceased's sister
Wednesday, January 14, the day after the funeral of Helric Fredou, Panamza contacted her sister-which prefers to remain non identifiée- to clarify the involvement of the police, vaguely evoked by the regional press in the investigation of the attack Charlie Hebdo. Key excerpts from the telephone exchange:
- "At first, I thought this is not possible, someone gun but not in a movie" sister refuses to believe in the possibility of a murder scary but continues to s' wonder about the exact circumstances of the death of the officer.
- "No let-mail or plate on his desk" Helric Fredou left no letter to explain his actions. Similarly, it did not file its evidence in police plate as sometimes some of his colleagues found suicide.
- "He was a quiet, with a great spirit of discernment according to his trainer" sister has repeatedly stressed the coolness of police -tenu in esteem by his trainer because of its perspicacité- and the fact he was neither violent nor impulsive.
- "They have taken our computers and mobile personal, we took everything we thought it shocked us but this is the procedure we have been told," in the afternoon of January 8, the police searched the home of the deceased, in the presence of his mother and sister before take his computer and his personal smartphone.
.. - "My mom, who was very symbiotic with him, turned against the whole earth: she wants to know how he was killed he has a bandage on his forehead on the side is trepanned because of . at autopsy the back of the skull, there is nothing "informed of the death at about 5 am in the morning, the sister reports having had to insist to access the body of the deceased. It was only late in the day she and her mother were allowed to see the body of Helric Fredou.
- "My brother himself had found two suicide-including one in Melun and told mom 'I never do something like that to you', ie kill me and leave you alone He was not depressed. "in November 2013, Helric Fredou was indeed the officer who discovered the body of his colleague Christophe Rivieccio found dead in the same police station in Limoges.
- "My brother was at home that night and as he was on duty, they called him and he came to the police station around 23:30 ... The day had been very tense as his colleagues ... Police officers were present in the Paris. the evening ... He had to write a report, but there was friction, I do not know what ... he told them he was to pass an urgent phone call and as they saw that it was not , a colleague went for him at his office and discovered dead "Wednesday night, police parties to conduct security checks from a bombing victim's family were debriefed by Helric Fredou. The testimony of his sister brings two disturbing elements: "friction" between the police would have arisen on the report (ultimately never started) to be prepared by Helrou; In this tense situation, the man was found dead a few minutes after telling his colleagues that he had at any price phone someone unidentified.
- "People of Paris took us to explain how it happened" sister points out that executives of the National Police have specifically moved the next day in Limoges and were keen to assure him that it was a suicide.
"Victim family" domiciled around "Châteauroux" -according journalists Limoges- is never explicitly identified in the few articles reporting the death of Helric Fredou.
Curious omission: a simple cross, based on consultation with the local press, be inferred that it is the parents of Jeannette Bougrab activist UMP who now claims to have been the companion of the murdered director of Charlie Hebdo.
Helric Fredou had to write a report about them.
Panamza also contacted the Bougrab family. Wasted effort: from the first seconds, the mother of Jeannette Bougrab (presented today by his daughter as "dying") immediately said: "It is not my business, all that go, bye."
Reminder: Family Stephane Charbonnier alias Charb on Saturday denied any form of "relational engagement" between the former boss Charlie and Jeannette Bougrab. Clémentine Autain close clan Charb, went even further, calling the former Secretary of State Fillon government of "usurping".
One thing is certain at present: the numerous media appearances (TF1, France 2, BFM TV, Canal +, BBC News, MSNBC) Bougrab -a lawyer of the State Council reinstated under a decree of July 11 officially recorded by Manuel Valls and Christiane Taubira- have the same language elements but also against truths.
Example: at first, she told Paris Match have been "three years" with Charb before correcting and indicating that they were now together for "one year".
Another illustration Bougrab claims that her daughter called Charb "daddy". Yet this is what she said on 15 December at the Gala magazine's website.
The absence of father is also a sensitive subject.
"May I have already been asked why she had no father. I told him that we would choose a set and that it would be even better. "
The young woman dreams of getting married one day and she is grateful to his parents not to reproach him for his single life.
That which now appears as the grieving widow Charb (a man who was nevertheless absent from his last birthday party) had already praised the cartoonist -without then specify any connection between them- in his autobiography, released in January 2013. Extract.
Stephane Charbonnier and Jeannette Bougrab, 31/12/14
But, in fact: who is Jeannette Bougrab?
Jeannette Bougrab and Christophe Girard, dinner of CRIF, 20/03/13
On 11 July 2013, Panamza had devoted a portrait on its increased connection to the anti-Muslim and pro-Israel movement.
During the fall of 2014, Bougrab publicly displayed his art of the large gap: this intimate Patrick Buisson (a former journalist of the far right which recorded Nicolas Sarkozy unwittingly and is represented in court by a close Netanyahu) militated in favor of the former head of state.

In previous months, Bougrab had spent most of his time abroad to achieve its documentary aired on December 3 by Canal + and entitled Forbidden school.
Finally, a piece of information here deserves to be particularly emphasized: the first public figure to have discussed a marital relationship is Bougrab Charb and Caroline Fourest.
It was January 8, at dawn on the antenna of France Inter (1'20).

The day before, the day of the attack, Fourest came on the scene in the company of Jeannette Bougrab and Richard Malka (the lawyer of Charlie Hebdo that would have Charb and Bougrab related). Singular trio feature: the same international anchor in Zionist and Islamophobic nebula.

Fourest as (first) deposit of good faith to the Bougrab-Charb relationship?
To you, citizen-player, breaking the strange around the French omerta Fredou-Bougrab case.
There is no evidence in that day, to say that the policeman was killed to silence him what he would unexpectedly discovered.
Nevertheless, in view of the shadows on his death in a context of political exploitation of the attack, nothing also allows to evacuate immediately assuming an expeditious murder disguised as suicide "dépresssion" .
Last troubling detail: a man today at the State Summit has publicly expressed no word of compassion about Helric Fredou while he was in regular contact with him in the near past. From 2010 to 2012, the police occupied the central office of Commissioner in Cherbourg. At the same time, the deputy mayor of the coastal town was none other than Bernard Cazeneuve, the current interior minister in charge of the investigation into the attack and discreet member of the pro-Israel movement.
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11 responses to mysterious "suicide" of the officer in charge of Charlie Hebdo-Jeannette Bougrab connection
On January 16th, 2015 at 11:40 p.m., azerty75 said ...

it reminds me of suicide Jambert policeman ..
Anyway if méRdias have not dug this suidice is that the truth is out there.
On January 16th, 2015 at 11:45 p.m., Sam said ...

Thank you for all that information. This is the real investigative journalism.
On January 17th, 2015 at 0:03 Breton said ...

A bomb! Respects Mr Hamza! Be read, heard. D utility you are.
On January 17th, 2015 at 0:27, zite said ...

Super investigative work as usual after a ride on Panama everything is clear!
Again, congratulations!
On January 17th, 2015 at 0:31, ILAN said ...

there is something that escapes me: what is the link between Fredou and Jeanette Bougrab? it is not explained in the article.
On January 17th, 2015 at 1:27, alnabab said ...

Excellent article.
On January 17th, 2015 at 1:34 joe said ...

He had to do a report on it if I have understood. it can be a link in the organization of the bombing Weekly charlie? J know and believe that it will not
On January 17th, 2015 at 1:45, comi60 said ...

Ilan, are you stupid? Or you not read. le.lien he had to write a report. (the policeman)
On January 17th, 2015 at 3:11, Jaxon said ...

Fredou had to write a report on Bougrab over the death of Charb is the link I've seen.
Paris cops could have told him that the phone and give them the details, but they came straight ... Why? They probably had to give him a written report already full of crap requiring his signature. He refused, they killed him.
I do not see it. Why is it still the ones who will convince the family that it's a suicide?
Or he discovered a really trick net during its investigation Bougrab for his report and the cops landed in Paris to tell him to shut up or die either.
Anyway Panamza thank you, it's always a pleasure to read a journalist who does his job.

On January 17th, 2015 at 4:23 polo said ...

, The death of the police officer was relayed to the background in the media I hope someone can answer the questions that your article started asking
On January 17th, 2015 at 5:41, dd said ...

thank you thank you our mossad the Zionist leaders for this ultimate false flag. I am not a sheep repeats after me. allieurs and I can tell you that the case is followed closely in the world and inconsistencies have been identified. Oscar to Congressman Craig has officialy revealed the fraud. "Paul Craig Roberts: The attack against Charlie Hebdo was designed by the CIA"
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