Miley’s Interview With Nawaeem

I: I follow you on Instagram and through your photos you look totally different than the woman i've seen at the Viva glam party, since you are mature. Are you the woman I follow on Instagram? Or the one that attended the party? On Instagram you're enjoying yourself more?
M: I was enjoying myself at the party too. That's my personality & I liked to act myself. I had to do that & everyone who were in the room were happy about this event. I was happy to donate 100 thousand dollars for a cause that deserved it. Rihanna will also be donating the same amount, and we felt that we're all lucky with what were doing. I was enjoying myself really and I'm the same person.
I: Last year Rihanna raised 43 Million dollars when she was the star of Viva Glam, do you seek to exceed that number?
M: I wish to get the biggest selling rate, my fans and audience can raise that, but they have to know what's the purpose behind it. I don't want them to just buy a pink sparkly lipstick. I will post the real purpose on my website so that everybody can know the reason to buy this product. 25% of the society don't know the disease and I am in the same time so involved with the support for the homeless people who suffer from a high percentage of people who don't have a good source of information about the disease. I have a friend, Jesse, who I brought with me to the VMA and he told me when he woke up in the morning: "I don't feel angry because I'm homeless because I wake up with the sun shinning & the trees around me, and that for me is something beautiful". What bothers me a lot is the big amount of people who neglect the homeless, so many people pass by them and ignore them. It's really bothering, they are in front of us everyday and we ignore them. The night of the Viva Glam Party was amazing to let people know that we don't spend money for only selling lipsticks but also for a certain cause. Everybody asks me if my work with Viva Glam is my dream, but my dream is that we have a cure for AIDS by 2020.
I: would you have spoken about this topic if you got a certain sexual disease?
M: Yes, that's what I have to do as a human being, I Have to be open-minded about this subject. For that, I’m the person who's appropriate to be the girl of Viva Glam because I'm not shy to speak about anything, and that's the problem with the subject of sex, people don't want to talk about it. People forget the children who were born with these circumstances. This disease changes life completely, when the person is infected with this disease, society can't bear him, and the greatest thing here is to give them hope.
Those people need to know that amfAR is working so much to find a cure for this disease because it kills approximately 2200 people each day, and we don't know what has to be done & how to control it. We have to keep working on this subject because it takes the lives of many people.
I: what is the misconception people might have about you?
M: some people tend to forget that I have a brain that I use, I'm not stupid.
I: what gives you a sense of satisfaction? You have accomplished so much success and now you are giving these advices. What satisfies you?
M: amfAR gala was fun and these are the things I live for.
I: tell me about Viva Glam ad, we see Madonna's style in it. To what extent are you influenced by Madonna as a prominent figure in the the era of the eighties?
M: I got the inspiration of this picture from an art gallery owned by a friend of mine. I copied a little of the decor because I wanted the gloss to look like it contained a big amount of disco balls. You can see the reflection of the disco ball in the picture. I also wanted that because my fans have turned from 14 to 30. So I thought that they can put their lipstick on but the lipgloss is suitable for younger fans.
I: who is the woman you look up to?
M: Dolly Parton is my favorite thanks to her great way of treating people. She's a philanthropist and cares about a janitor more than she cares about her manager.
I: do you like that?
M: yes, I do. I like to treat people that way. I like to treat people as opposed to the way that they are used to be treated with, people are used to be treated Carelessly.
So when a person comes to me and says he's a manager I tell him why do you introduce yourself that way? I treat everyone equally.
I: do you think you will change since your young right now?
M: I don't think so, I don't care about anyone. I was always surrounded by famous people and discovered that there is no difference between us and any other person. What really matters is what we do, like Sharon Stone in the gala When I got on stage, we can say she has accomplished something in her life & even Kenneth Cole. They deserve appreciation for what they did to the world.
I: don't you think that people don't know how to behave in a natural way with you because you're famous?
M: people don't know how friendly I am until they meet me. When people enter a room i'm in, they don't expect how enthusiastic I feel towards them.
I: what would they think?
M: I think for them when they meet other superstars, those superstars are surrounded by bodyguards & full on makeup and hair. I do my own make up myself & don't have anyone guarding me & don't like to have a team accompany me.
I: did you do your own makeup today?
M: yes, you'll find a lot of concealer on my face because I woke up to find Black Eyes Shadow covering my face completely.
I: what is your favorite makeup product?
M: The lipstick is my favorite because it so easy to put on and I'm not at all a fan of eye makeup. The lipstick is easy to carry and especially for young girls, i'm still young and don't need to put a lot of makeup.
I: did you happen to face a bad skin day?
M: yes, today. If I didn't put my make up on you would have seen my bad skin with a lot of pimples covering it. When I was in school, I used to suffer from a very bad skin so I would always wash my face and take care of my skin, because my skin is sensitive, just like my father, so I always blame him.
I: how many tattoos do you have?
M: I have a lot.
I: but you got a new one?
M: yes, "the evil robot" it's my brother's nickname. I have more than 30 tattoos, I didn't count them but most of them are small ones.
I: you have lived your life fully & you're still young. What do u say about life now?
M: I say that happiness is the only thing people should think about. When I was little I got nervous from everything but, now I'm not like that anymore. Life isn't that hard. To be 16 and pretty isn't a hard thing. in that time I was thinking i'm very ugly and hated myself and always cried. Then I found out I was very beautiful and I didn't even know. Even now when I don't feel safe and feel anxious I think about how I've lived with those properties in my previous life. Even when I was eleven, I used to think I’m not good enough like everyone else, I didn’t do sports like the rest, and despite the fact that my parents never compared me to anyone, but I used to do that myself instead. Now, I've learned that it isn't that hard.
I: so is feeling lonely...
M: yes, teenagers feel like they are lonely and feel sorry for themselves. That's all because of hormonal change and their emotions feel like they're out of control. I always felt i'm not safe.
I: you've accomplished a lot, what makes you feel fully satisfied in your career as a singer?
M: last year was superficial for the media, they did not add real value to all what I did. This year, my collaboration with MAC and my interest in the homeless are two good things for me, because there is a real reason behind them.
When I will record my next album, I can donate all the money to the homeless. I'll have a great reason to sing instead of singing to myself or for other people. That way I give a real reason to what I'm doing.
I: how do you define Well-fare? What is well-fare for you if you have everything?
M: honestly, when people come to my house they get surprised. My dogs running in the house and I don’t have a care in the world. Well-fare for me is any normal day in my bed with my dogs watching movies. That's because I spend a lot of my time on airplanes and luxury hotels... But the hotel is never as comfortable as my bathroom and my bed. I can be anywhere in the world but I feel better being in my home with my dogs.
I: as an idol any mistake you would do the media will not not let it slide. Does that put a pressure on you?
M: I don't think about that at all, I've moved on. I don't follow a lot of stuff on the internet, I do that just because I'm obsessed with fashion and love art. I don'y use twitter for those reasons, I post my pictures on Instagram because I think it's much safer.
I: you do that to protect yourself or because you're sensitive?
M: I don't care, I don't want to know. I’m very happy and feel safe and I don’t want to see my pictures around and the media wondering if I’m pregnant or not. I'm a normal person, I have feelings.
I: who's your favorite designer?
M: I love Jeremy Scott...

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