12th Jan 2015 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] "For instance, up until my third year in middle school, I thought that my legs were really thick, so I hated the pants that are like skinny jeans. But now,.. (...) anyways, thank you euhaha it was fun to answer them, thank you guys" “@BTS_twt: 그렇게 느껴버려서. 일례로 전 제 다리가 중3 때까지 아주 두껍다 생각했고 스키니 류 바지를 정말 싫어했습니다. 지금은.. (...) 아무튼 고맙습니다 으하하 답변하면서 재밌었어요 고마워요 그대들”

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