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7th Jan 2015 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Park Yuchun, There Is Qualification For An Actor Who Is Doubtful

In the perspective of actors in their 20s, there is no satisfaction in just acting itself. This is because, to them as an actor, drinking the first drink, chewing, digesting and even "excretion"; the process of such accomplishments can never be easy. 'Will I do well in the end?' particularly when there is no choice but to feel burdened for having a highly-reputed movie as a debut movie. And what more when he was given the lead role in Producer Bong Junho and Director Shim Sungbo's production knows as Haemoo. Park Yuchun understands this point better than anyone else.

"I thought for sure that I will not be able to win the Blue Dragon Award. Because I was so sure, I was surprised when my name was called. Actually, I was very nervous and I really did not expect to make it to the Blue Dragon Awards." Adding, "Looking back in retrospect, I was so anxious that it seemed like I was stubbornly insisting on wearing clothes that did not match. The company was also against it at first so, I was worried. Even if I were to put aside the worries of my own acting ability, I was also thinking if I should be presenting myself as the role of Dongshik in Haemoo when I would still continuously be a part of a group known as JYJ. I had no other doubts except those. Dialect is a worry in itself but at the same time putting on a seaman's costume and makeup while having to show a natural appearance, it was uncomfortable and I was anxious," he confessed to us calmly.

Park Yuchun's doubt and sincerity were laid out all at once. Truth is, he did not come to the post-ceremony reception where all the award winners gathered. I was curious about the reason why did he not appear so I tried to ask. And I came to form an idea out of it.

"As an actor, there are times when I feel unconfident. Even these days I have nightmares and when I awake, I realized what I dreamed of was that there were staff, other actors and everybody were there and they were doing actions but I could not do anything. I was stammering. Then, I woke up. It was frightening. In the beginning, it was a situation in which I was not able to do anything, and that was acting, then I learned to get use to that situation. Even then, there are times when I still feel afraid when standing in front of the camera. Sometimes, I doubt whether or not I'm putting in the right emotions while acting and that is scary."

So, that is why Park Yuchun said that as an actor he feels uncomfortable to be at the celebration venue. "Do I really need to celebrate? Actually, it's also partly because not many people from the Haemoo team came. Like what Miss Kim Youngae of 'The Attorney' said about her regrets in the movie, 'Cart' when she received the award, that's how it is for me too. The more I watch 'Haemoo'...I feel that there were parts which could have been done better.

As he recalls about 'Haemoo' he pitched in a word and that was, 'Exhausted.' "It's not that I'm tired but my concentration was worn out. Particularly in the stowaway scene in 'Haemoo' which took a fortnight to film. My concentration was exhausted during the filming of that scene." We can feel how immersed he was when he was filming 'Haemoo.' On top of that, the great teachings which he had learned from 'Haemoo' was brought up.

"In preparation for 'Haemoo' there were times when we drank in the middle of the day. We ate dried pollack soup on Level 3 and many times, to avoid smoking in front of the director and other sunbaenims, I went down to Level 1 to smoke. After doing this for several times, the sunbaenims told me, "Don't do this." After that I could sit at the same table as the sunbaenims face-to-face to drink, smoke and I realized that the sunbaenims like it too. That's when I got to know. When I was young, whenever there were seniors around, I am concerned about everything [T/N: his actions and behaviors]. Then now, I learned about the way to converse with the director and sunbaenims politely. I also got to know something as important as that."

He also pulled out an episode from the past. "There was a time when I first filmed 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal.' At that time, I had to memorize the script thoroughly. Even though I've prepared everything, the thought of 'I need to do this well' was very strong. However when I went to the scene, I found myself not being able to do anything when things progressed slightly differently. No matter what I was doing, I was having a hard time. So starting from 'Rooftop Prince' I tried to better match the breathing of my counterpart [T/N: to be more in sync with his co-actors/actresses]. Then, I discovered that reading the script alone as opposed to reading it with co-actors/actresses is very different."

Myself and the sunbaenims also had this kind of dream when shooting 'Haemoo.' It will be great if 'Haemoo' will be screened during the public holidays. It will be really awesome if after about 10 years, when the whole family would suddenly turn on the TV together and 'Haemoo' shows. I had that thought." But since it is a '19 and above' movie, it will not be slotted into a family time slot and Park Yuchun says, "It should be shown during the wee hours," and laughed.

Not long ago, he took the staff on a spontaneous trip to Haemoo's filming site. "All of a sudden we went to Geoje Island once again. I missed the sea and the street vendor there. We went to the restaurant where I used to go when filming. I went there after a long time, so I was even given Sulju (pine alcohol)."

After the Blue Dragon Awards ceremony ended, all the people involved discussed about one thing. Do you know Park Yuchun? The fact that he won the award completely through his acting only...It was not through his fandom or by appearing in a blockbuster. I wanted you to know the fact that he won the award by portraying the character of Dongshik. Of course, this result is not a pride but a qualification for an actor who is doubtful.

Article by: Reporter Kim Gyeoul
Translated by yochwennie

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