Someone asked why LGBT people don't like SJWs...

Saw this question:

"There seems to be an inordinate amount of LGBT folk up in here [a group opposed to SJWs]. It's almost as if SJWs don't do a good job advocating for LGBT, or something."

My coffee-fueled answer:

Imagine you are part of an oppressed minority that comprises only 2-5% of the population (gays, in my case).

Imagine ignorant bigots are trying to pass horrifying fucking laws all the time, like that if you're in a car accident, and the EMT is a fundie wackjob Christian who thinks homosexuality offends his imaginary sky deity, that he or she should be allowed to NOT TREAT YOU AND LET YOU DIE due to his "moral" belief (and yes, this is a real law some rightwing extremists have proposed).

Imagine you have real social justice training. You've done community outreach and education before. So you're ready to fight this. Now imagine you need to organize that tiny-ass percentage of 2-5% of people to wake up and realize what is going on around them. Imagine that just like all people, most of them will be too busy with their families, careers, hobbies and shit to get involved with politics. An even tinier percentage of that 2-5% will have the time, luxury and inclination to get involved in a political battle.

So let's say in your mid-sized city you worked your ass off and managed to assemble fifteen local people in the same room just to BEGIN talking about HOW we can START to address this; fifteen people who may have NOTHING at all in common with each other, except they all happen to be attracted to other dudes and they had this afternoon free. That's already a shaky alliance, but you're hopeful you can convince everyone in the room to recognize that a bullshit anti-gay law that violates the First Amendment and puts people at risk for being killed will affect everyone in that room, regardless of their politics or religion or anything else, simply because they all happen to be gay and some other group of assjackets doesn't like homofagatrons.

A herculean task, but you have years of experience and education and training, you can get this done, right.....?

Now imagine a fucking SJW is in that room because for some reason they chose this day to finally leave their house and go outside. And this dude is annoying and uncivil, ranting, demanding stupid shit, calling people racists and transphobes, accusing you of being a horrible person because you're only focusing on this one proposed piece of anti-gay legislation instead of checking your own privilege and yelling about the riots in Ferguson or "manspreading" on the subway or fighting for the right of people on Tumblr to self-diagnose as having multiple personalities who are all various animals species and some of those are fictional but you can be damn sure each one uses different gender pronouns.

Imagine no matter what you do, they won't shut the fuck up, or let you talk, or focus for TWO FUCKING SECONDS on the real reason you assembled all these people in the first place. So you get frustrated and kick them out of the meeting.

Now imagine they immediately huff off in a rage, go home, and take to twitter and facebook and blogs; making up stupid shit about your organization, publicly spread blatant lies about you, claim you're a bigot and nobody should work with you. They have friends at bigger websites of COURSE, because SJWs are always more incestuous than the Wrong Turn mutants.

So now you've got hacks at Gawker and Jezebel writing hit pieces on your organization, calling you a bigot, a traitor to "social justice", hell let's throw in some "misogyny" accusations because the tabloid drama mongers have definitely noticed that accusing gay dudes of hating women has been a great way to get their articles trending.

Now you're being inundated with angry messages and e-mails from crazy SJWs accusing you of being a horrible bigot who hates women and transpeople and otherkin... and also, so-and-so heard somewhere from someone who heard it from someone somewhere that you sexually harassed a woman. Yeah you're a gay dude, that makes no fucking sense obviously, to anyone with half a got-damn brain cell. But in crazy SJW world it does.

And in the matter of a few weeks or even just a few days, you've gone from a truly progressive gay man with real social justice training, trying to fight a law that would actively discriminate against a minority and violate the United States Constitution; to an evil misogynistic neckbeard virgin MRA brony pissbaby dudebro manchild, who harasses women and lives in your mother's basement.

Nobody's fighting this fucking law now, at best they'll bitch about it on facebook, but continue to scream at everyone on their own side who even slightly disagrees on ANYTHING, no matter how totally unrelated to the law it is. 99.9% agreement is disagreement and you are the enemy. Also, SJW hipsters are so lazy they won't even show up to VOTE against the measure if it's on a ballot.

But this shit probably won't affect the SJWs anyway, because most of them live in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the United States. It will primarily affect gay men living in rural areas with high concentrations of religious conservatives who would hold backwards anti-gay views. Could it affect lesbians? Yes of course, but anti-gay bigots historically have a much harsher attitude toward homosexual males (lesbians are, after all, "hot"). Gay men with effeminate mannerisms are at a particular risk. And obviously it would disproportionately affect working class gay men who don't have the time and money to fight back. But then why would privileged SJWs ranting at people on their Macbooks give a shit about poor gay men? They are, after all, still men, and part of the "Patriarchy".


Does that answer your question?

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