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30th Dec 2014 from TwitLonger

hate this subject, ppl ask me what VPN is the best, the best is the one you MADE

Your vpn costs 7 bucks on average maybe cheaper.
Which means the VPN provider isn't about to lose his company over 7 bucks which means your life as of the moment you bought it, is worth 7 bucks.

Now on their website the policy will say whatever the customer would want it to say that will make them buy it. That's what they call "Fishing" you are the fish, you took the bait.

Now you can argue the policy says this, it won't matter because the government isn't after the provider since they cooperated. They want you. The provider is well aware of this situation and believe or not expected this to happen.

So they are going to say "Fuck it, I lost 7 bucks? who cares, all I care about is making money which is why i sell VPNs" And that's why policies say "Policy may be subject to change at anytime".

Now ask yourself is my online activity and the next 10-20yrs behind bars worth 7 bucks?

I hate this subject but ppl ask me what I think about VPNS and it always come down to, make your own fucking VPN. Don't trust ANYONE.

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