2014 event log in review

1 Animax Musix 2014 Taiwan: Finally get KitaEri Be Starters. Saw 1st Mimori event after her post-solo debut.
2 Kawaii Pop Fes @JAM: Learned the world of semi-pro idols under tutelage of Kazearashi, tinyredman, and Firoen.
3 Stein's gate: Played janken with Mingosu.
4 IM@S Movie: Knkn Nu from close range. Became a P for ML Yokoyama Nao.
5 Hamiraji hitouch event: The moment I learned how to get heartattack while standing in line.
6 IM@S SSA: Started terrible path to CG producing. First IM@S offkai.
7 Yukarin FFC spring lives: Discovered Yukarin's secret crime fighting identity. Thanks Danie for handling FC all these years.
8 Nonnonbiyori live recording: Asked Rieshon to be my little sister, and played with Asumin's balloons.
9 ACEN: Ambushed by EC P crew into becoming a WUGner. Blame kei, omo, moy, JT.
10 ANorth: Made onigiri with Hara Yumi. Sanitized my hands. Met CanadaPs and JP Ps for first time.
11 AnimeNEXT: In which I became Haruna Luna's sanctioned photographer.
12 Akuma no Riddle kurogumi party: Saw beatboxing Suwa and rabbit ear Nu.
13 Kagurazaka Yuka 1st concert: Memorized pi to 70 digits, and bought gray market bromides from a shady dealer.
14 Swords Dance event: Watched a bunch of child seiyuu try to act hard and gangsta.
15 Anisama 2014: During which Landro and I beat eachother sensless with cyalumes. Thanks Saiseki and Mandi for ticket help. Also observed Yuiton's battle against mosquitoes. Thanks ANorth Ps for inviting to uchiage.
16 Ohenro event: In which I became a pilgrim and listened to Nanami narrate for 2 hours.
17 @JAM EXPO: Eyes were opened to the wonderful world of "Idol Festivals." Seishun Joshi Gakuen was most fun act. 2nd best Event of the Year.
18 AWA: Flew to Atlanta to eat BBQ and meet a phantom "Naomi" (but it failed)
19 IM@S 9th live: Event of the Year. Thanks Ninbin for crazy after-party.
20 Perfume World Tour: Running into donut shops to escape the cold.

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