[Spy FB] Character Introduction

*NIS official Kim Seonwoo (Kim Jaejoong)
In front of his parents, he hides as a normal public official, but in fact, he's a genius analyst who has outstanding ability in information analyzing. However, his real charm is...

He always takes care of his family, his girlfriend and his colleagues with warm heart and maturity

*Typical ajumma of South Korea, but also former spy Park Hyerim (Bae Jong-Ok)
The instinc of a spy is still left in her. Like a OCD patient, she's little wary of people around her and tries to make everything in her family perfect.

However, she cherishes and loves her son and her family more than anyone. She's a mother, a symbol of motherhood!

*Spy Hwang Kichul (Yoo Ohsung) who comes to reorganize the spy line in South Korea

But he doesn't work by himself. He just pick the people who could become the horse in his chessboard.

This time the sacrificial lamb of his intelligent play is the peaceful and happy family of Hyerim and Seonwoo

*Seonwoo's fiancee Lee Yoonjin (Go Sunghee)
She's a orphan. She's very nice and caring, just like Seonwoo.

Just when she dreams about a happy family with Seonwoo, she couldn't expect that she would face the opposition of Seonwoo's mother, Hyerim.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/2015spy

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