Translation of Rafa's interview in French for Stade 2 (21/12/14)

Thanks to @TheNadalPower for the upload of the video

- An athlete who accumulates records, as you do, it’s Rafael Nadal.
- Not bad
- 9 victories at Roland Garros and he will try, as the Real Madrid, to reach the “decima” in 2015. Clémentine Sarlat you had the chance to meet him. He currently practices near Manacor with Richard Gasquet by the way. We hope it will give him good energy and he will return to competition in early January. He talks with you about his ambitions, his season and about himself, quite simply.


- Hi, nice to meet you, I’m clémentine.
- Hi, I’m Rafael.
- No, really?
- How are you?

- Rafael we are here today because you are going to open a new center. The Nadal Academy. Why did you want to do this?
- In the end, I think tennis gave me a lot so for me it's kind of gratefulness, to give something to the young generation. I want to pass on everything I’ve learned these years, all this heritage, all these lessons and in this case create a center that could become a world reference, which can help the new generation to grow, both in sport and human terms.

- And what about this ninth title at Roland Garros, when you have already won it eight times? What did you feel?
- Each time I win, each time I’m more and more filled with emotions. Years pass and each time I don’t know if this will be my last year, so the victory is always very special. Each story is special. Always with great emotion and joy. I try to enjoy every moment that happens.

- And the tenth victory is a dream?
- The first, second, third, fourth... and ninth were a dream. So it's a dream for me. I would never have imagined winning all this. So for me, everything that happened was a great surprise and obviously a great joy. But I don’t know what can happen in the future. What I can do is to work to have other chances to win some titles.

- So what is your goal for 2015?
- My goal for 2015 is to be back in shape for 2015, being fit in December 2014. Right now, my goal is to properly practice this December, to make a good preparation and put my body my physical and my tennis at 100%. And then after, try to get back again a good pace, something I couldn’t do these last months because of my injuries.

- No disrespect meant, but the French public sometimes is not really on your side. From time to time, there are some people who are exasperated because you are always to one who win.
- No, I think the public during each year has always improved and sincerely, one thing, at the beginning of my career, I know that the public a few times was harsh and showed his emotions. But for me, everyone is free to show his emotions, free to express who they want to win, right? Honestly, when I'm in Paris and France in general, when I walk in the streets, the public has always shown his affection for me. And during all these years, I think I gained a great connection with the public. At Roland Garros I felt very loved, I felt great and I thank them very much because for me, feeling that I’m loved like that, in a place that I love so much, that's very important, very nice.

- And how is your French?
- So-so
- Do you practice it sometimes?
- No. Well, sometimes, with French friends.

- And for the year to come, 2015, is it a goal de be Number One of the world?
- Being number one just to be number one, for me it won’t be a goal in my career anymore. If I become number one again because of the results I have, it’s great but I'm not going to pursue this objective. I will follow my schedule. My big goal is to try to play as many years as possible. What I won’t do is put at risk the best years of my career to get the number 1 spot. It won’t be anymore an objective for me. My goal is to be happy and I think I am.

- When you were a kid, what was your dream?
- I’ve always wanted to be a sportsman. Footballer or tennisman. But obviously my mother wanted me to study so I studied until I became a professional tennis player. So, I finished my studies.

- Thank you very much. It was a pleasure.
- Thank you.

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