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To the eSports Community,

My name is Sri H, Vakulabharanam, I am a Co-Owner at Annex. I would like to take this time to explain our Halo team situation with Jacob (Arkanum). I would like to begin by writing out a timeline in which actions by Jacob and Annex took place.

Dec 13th (IG Columbus): Annex Placed Top 12 at Columbus, the team (Other players) and Jacob felt that they underachieved.

Dec 14th (IG Columbus): After long conversations the night before and on this date, Jacob said to me personally “Unless I get an offer that I think is going land me on a top team, I will not be leaving this team” after that statement he also stated “but I don’t think I will leave Annex”.

Dec 15th: After a long weekend. I contacted Jacob in regards to his status as a player for Annex Halo, and I came back with the assumption that he wants to stick with Annex.

Dec 16th: I was contact by Jesse and Yousef stating that Jacob has decided to part ways from the Halo team, and explore his options.

Dec 17th: Jacob approaches the Annex Management and voices his opinion that he wants to be released, he also claims that our contract between him and the organization is invalid.

Dec 18th: Annex as an organization took this day to contact our lawyer to confirm that our contract is in fact valid, and that by Jacob disclosing the contract to his family and friend he has breached the terms of the contract.

This was also the date that @ClanLuckyStrike Announced their new Roster with Jacob being a part of it, without Annex releasing him, Annex as an organization was not informed by Jacob or CLS that this transaction was in process.

Dec 19th: We approached Jacob in forming him that the contract is valid and asked him to get Annex in contact with a CLS Representative.

Annex and CLS representative were able to chat for a brief moment through a Chat Medium (Skype), in which he made clear that he was not interest in buying out Jacob, hearing that news Annex was willing to talk out options in which Jacob or CLS would not have to buy out the contract. Annex asked to set up a Skype call, the CLS rep politely stated that he was not available to talk on this day, so he subsequently set up a Meeting on Saturday, Dec 20th (Yesterday) at 2 PM CST.
The CLS representative did not appear at the set time.

Now we are at a juncture where Annex is being wrongly accused by the Halo community as a “Shady, Fraud” organization. If any member of the community would like to request screenshots of any skype conversations or a singular recorded call throughout the past week. We are more than happy to make that information public.

Myself and Annex Management understand that Annex is not a prominent organization by any means. We pride ourselves in being professional and transparent. If this situation upsets anyone in the community we apologize for that. If anyone has any questions please ask in a polite manner and we will be more than happy to answer them.

Due to the fact that Clan Lucky Strike has not gotten back to us, Jacob has been released by Annex effective Immediately . Annex has done nothing but abided to the terms of the contract, due to time and poor communication the situation was blown out of proportion. It is never our intent to stop a player from doing what he/she loves, and that is playing the game.

On behalf of the entire Annex Managment,

Sri H. Vakulabharanam

Co-Owner | Annex

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