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20th Dec 2014 from TwitLonger

Why I have to leave competitive Halo

Earlier I tweeted that I was going to step back from competitive halo and stream still. Lots of people have inquired about what brought this on especially considering my love for competing. What I will say is this situation is not what I ever wanted and I'm going to shed light on it to the best of my abilities. This past IG Columbus I had gone to the event as Annex under the Annex organization I was teaming with killrelevant, omega, and former teammate shooter. Great guys, but we didn't play well as a team. We performed sub par and I was unhappy. Post event, I got an offer from Devon and Contra to team with them and Blaze. Initially I wanted to stick with my team and try to make it work but decided this was by far the better offer and a much better team and figured this was for me. I told my team my thoughts and one of them beat me to telling the guys at Annex. I spoke with them (Annex management) and they said if I felt this wasn't the place for me they couldn't force me to stay and they wished me the best. They then decided instead of releasing me, like implied and assumingly agreed upon in our first conversation, that they weren't going to release me and instead force an unreasonable sum for any team to get me out of contract. Now I am stuck here, yes partly my fault for trusting in a small org and rushing into this pre columbus, but I tried an alternative route and it didn't work, I tried some negotiating and that didn't work( Annex won't negotiate at all). So here I am trapped, unable to compete at anymore tournaments this season, binded and seemingly imprisoned with no choice but to stay solo and stream and focus on "irl" things. In all this all I want to do is keep competing and get the team I feel I deserve and can contend with my peers and create something for myself, but that isn't happening this season it appears. Thanks to all those who support me and I hope you continue to support me. Much love - Arkanum

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