#MJFans #MJFam #TohmeTohme VS #MJEstate case:

Probate Court room of Beckloff in L.A.
"Dr." (?) Thome Thome & Atty. John Branca were both suppose to make an appearance this morning. They did NOT show up. 8:30 am Beckloffs doors were locked. Something was going on in Secret inside, the calendar posted indicated Atty. Branca was to be there IN PERSON. But he was not, at least not visibly there. It was continued to a future date. Thursday, tomorrow, Two men from the Middle east are scheduled and they are suing Atty John Branca, PERSONALLY, not as executor of the Estate. They want an "audit". and they want some money $ they lent to Saint Michael Jackson, and they claim Ramone Bain had something to do with it, and she is suppose to be in Court Thursday at 1:30 pm . This is more likely going to be far more interesting that the Safechuck / Robson allegations which will likely go no where but to a continuance into Jan. February, March, & April, running up lawyer fees for some future "out of court settlement" which will undoubtedly provide generous payment of all Lawyers fees from all sides as part of the "settlement". If ever Thomas Mesereau & Susan Yu were needed, it is now, at this time to defend Saint Michael Jackson, & his legacy, & his children's inheritance,… but it is not likely to happen, unfortunately.

via William J. Wagener

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