No longer manager of SK Prime - future plans

I doubt many people care since I'm not really known and this doesn't affect much, but I am stepping down as the manager of SK Gaming Prime. I have also decided that this will (most likely) be the last team I ever manage. If I got an offer from an LCS team or a blatantly obvious #1 challenger team then I'd have some choices to make, but as I haven't received one and don't think I will, I most likely won't be managing next season.

I have decided to focus on my 'career' as a journalist, and since being a team manager meant I couldn't post breaking news or 'leaks' as most people call them, it was restricting a large part of my potential as a journalist, in fact I wasn't even really being a journalist.

I'm pretty pleased with how SKP went overall. I basically made the team along with Perkz and Taikki after GSI disbanded and I think we came a long way, hopefully for the team the story is not over. Finishing in 2nd position in the Black Monster Cup was pretty good, losing in the expansion tournament was pretty sad but shit happens. I don't know what the future of the team will be, though I have made my case to SK that I think they would be a great addition to SK in the next season. All the players have the potential to be LCS level anyway, so you will be seeing them regardless.

In 2015 I will be releasing a lot more articles, news stories, talk shows, interviews and whatever else I can think of, possibly also delving into the world of CS:GO after I've followed the scene for a while longer and done a lot more research. I also may start casting again, most likely just Go4LoLs at the start but if I'm good then we'll see how that goes.

Also, I'm happy with my position at, but I will always remain available for freelancing or permanent work (if the offer is good). Most likely only journalism at this point, though I do also have 2 years of team management under my belt, if there are other positions available, and you are interested. Email -

I will be available to talk if there is interest in the next few days, I go to Canada on the 15th of December but even then I will be reachable via Email and Skype. (DM for skype name)

Big thanks to Taikki, Steeelback, Beansu, Godbro, BarneyD, Hiiva, Alex Muller, and Joe Elouassi for the short time we had under SK, it was fun.

and thanks to all the players I managed in the past -

Myrevenge - Caglaro, Noonia, Wuuuh, Shacol0l, Yerrow

Reason Gaming - Mozilla, K0u/Agent, Bimbo8, Nardeus, Kazmitch

Dignitas UK - Nitrix, Impaler, DxAlchemist, Samwise, Yerrow (again)

Unlucky Bois/SK Prime - Beansu, Taikki/Trashy, Perkz/Nukeduck/Godbro, Steeelback, Hiiva/Barney D

sorry if I forgot anyone =)

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