The Hidden Strength of #GamerGate & Gamers

I'm watching Anti's go back and forth on their so-called high and mighty pedestal. Yet all I SEE is a bunch of people on a throne of shit. I see other sexual preference, gender identities, minorities, men, women and more expressing their OWN MINDS and thoughts. Real people.
I'm curious, Antis. How is your excommunication/banishment behaviors against the marginalized ANY DIFFERENT than parental disownment?

Child: "Mom, Dad, I'm gay."

Marginalized: "I think ethics are really important."

You see how that works?

That's what sickens me most of all. You never wanted TRUE equality; You wanted POWER. Power you don't deserve, because you're irresponsible. And a word to the wise: Historically, "let them eat cake" has NEVER WORKED OUT.

I spoke on this months ago; this could have ended way back when, within a week's time. YOU could have ended it. Pride cometh before a fall. The longer this goes on, the further people dig and look for answers. Things you likely DON'T want people to find out. They'll find it.

Something I mentioned earlier: Historically, the biggest changes tend to occur when enough people are pissed off at the SAME TIME. GG is exactly that; ENOUGH PISSED OFF PEOPLE at once. They're going to go the distance. Big game releases & holidays haven't slowed them.
What you have here is a SIGNIFICANT happening in this time and age. It's uncanny, even. You have this HUGE group of people, who pretty much disagree on a TON of stuff. But they all turned and saw this MESSED UP THING happening. All of us are rather different, yet we each turned and said, "This thing happening over there? That's FUCKED UP." That's an amazing MIRACLE.

You have communities, many of which traditionally have DESPISED each other, drop their fights and grudges for something bigger than they. You have people with wildly different political beliefs, be it libertarian, republican or democrat, ceasing their arguments to stop YOU.
A rose with any other name smells just as sweet; Shit, by any other name still smells awful. You can try and hide your bullshit under the false pretense of "equality", where your equality is "some more equal than others."

If anything, this situation actually DID create a microbubble of TRUE EQUALITY; content of character and WORTH OF IDEAS matters to us. This situation created something where you've got people standing next to each other, fighting for each other's freedom to be whom they are.

You created a situation where people said, "Enough is enough." You became the very monsters you claimed to fight against. You, dear Antis, stared into the fucking abyss for too goddamn long. YOU are the one that PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF.

You seem to have this false impression, antis, that you're going to turn out to be the 'glorious leaders'. Couldn't be more mistaken. We did not come this far, becoming civilized and critical people, to watch people like YOU tear it all down. People WILL remember what you've done, and the horrors you decided to bring with you. THE. INTERNET. DOES. NOT. FORGET.
Every single day that passes, the foundation of your tower crumbles a little more. This is our marathon, and we can ENDURE LONGER THAN YOU. There's a reason that so many are impressed with #gamergate's tenacity & staying power; they are gamers, they are TRAINED to last.

Gamers INTENTIONALLY put themselves under hardship & high pressure situations. It's simulated toughness, fortitude, and resilience training. #gamergate matters because this is one time where ALL that mental training is being applied in the real world. You see, these folks have taken losses and defeats. But the difference between them and you? Loss INVIGORATES them. You just crumble.

I am reminded by something that Raph Koster said, even though he's very critical of gamergate. Nevertheless, his words are true. He put forth the notion that game 'exploiters' are potentially some of your most valuable and smartest players in your game. Why are they important? Because they will learn the rules, and they set out to break them in any way they can. They are survivors. That very type of person, the exploiter? That's why we're all HERE. We're not the biggest or fastest animals. But we're the most clever.

Congrats. You picked a fight with the group that is PROVEN to produce or even CREATE exploiters; the ones who survive through cleverness. Gamers are the people who will tear down your whole defenses while you're left wondering what the hell just happened. You picked a fight with some of the smartest, most clever, most CRITICAL thinkers on the planet. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. The people who survive and thrive are the ones that say, "Why did I mess up? How can I improve? How can I WIN?" THAT is a gamer.

This is why you have many interested in gamergate whom aren't even gamers; they're seeing something they didn't even know existed prior. You know what they saw? They saw a group of oddly tough people WHO DON'T PUT UP WITH BULLSHIT. Ones who WILL act. Ones who go the distance.

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