Support #Detroit & #BentonHarbor thru #RevPinkney NOW! #CivilRights #Ferguson

Everybody, Rev Pinkney was put behind bars with no evidence. He is standing up for poor and black (African American), voters, elected representatives, against emergency manager unelected selloffs & public austerity, including selloffs to Whirlpool Corporation in the area of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Will all of you please send a letter to Judge Schrock regarding your support of Rev. Pinkney? Please mail a copy to the Berrien County Courthouse and another copy to Rev. Pinkney at BH Banco so Pinkney's lawyer will have a copy of all of the letters sent to the judge.

The addresses and all of the information can be found at The letters have to get there by the 15th which is the sentencing date, so they should really get there by next Friday, so letters should be sent out on Monday if possible. Feel free to use the talking points and supporting documentation that I have attached below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some talking points and documentation for your letters on the Pinkney case.

1. Sheriff said to Berrien County Republicans "We got him!"

2. At least two Whirlpool lawyers were at the trial.

3. There was a racist juror on the jury.

4. Jurors were asked if they could convict with no evidence.

5. Jurors were told circumstantial evidence was as good as direct evidence.

Prosecutor Sepic told jury they would not hear any witnesses testifying to actual fraud.

6. Handwriting expert said there was no way to tell if Pinkney changed the signatures.

7. History of persecution against Pinkney (prior charges in 2007).

8. Unrelated appeal said election fraud charges were misdemeanors, not felonies.

9. Pinkney is always optimistic and cheerful. He does not hold any grudges or hate those who are persecuting him. He speaks like a man who has the moral high ground. He has been interviewed weekly by Webster Tarpley on the podcast "World Crisis Radio" for the last several months. He earnest attitude comes through in the interviews.

10. The jury was all white.

11. A white defendant received a misdemeanor conviction on similar charges.

12. A SWAT team was sent to arrest him on election fraud charges.

13. Gentrification of Benton Harbor is the goal. (Thurs., July 29th, 2010 entry)

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