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4th Dec 2014 from TwitLonger

.@georgieonthego RE invisible privledges of gaming while male.

Meta commentary: Do we really need to keep imitating Peggy McIntosh? I mean is this actually doing anything *useful*? It seems the privilege concept just drives people away, at the very best its so poorly understood by the general public that its unable to convince people in low information density settings (like a YouTube video). And some of it goes in uncomfortable directions, IE calling not getting pulled over (or shot/choked to death, as we're apparently moving backwards) for your skin color as a privilege rather than a basic human right.

As far as the list itself goes, before i start I should say I'm a transwoman, my experience is not exactly the same as cis women. But since almost all of the list concerns online gaming and nobody knows that there (until I felt the need to be open about it for GamerGate anyway) I don't think it matters too much.

This seems really padded, repeatedly talking about not having gamer cred questioned or sexual harassment.

The padding ends up burying the con stuff. I don't go (and would likely have a very different experience as I can't pass for shit) but I hear some real horror stories from women who do (and if you're gonna mention the gamer cred thing repeatedly, why not the idiocy surrounding cosplayers not being real geeks/gamers?). Seriously the groping stuff should be a centerpiece, and a shorter list would help highlight it.

I've never heard the idea that liking games that are "casual, odd, non-violent, artistic, or cute" makes you not a real gamer. I don't think they even understand the gamer/casual divide (to be honest I don't think I can articulate it, every rule seems to have exceptions). CoD and sports game players are constantly derided as casuals, I've never heard anybody say Animal Farm or Sims players aren't (outside of strawman arguments).

As far as the sexual harassment goes, that happened to me *once*, and lasted all of 30 minutes. Compared to non gaming related incidents where I've been followed from thread to thread all over a website for weeks until I finally left or even to another website (there's a reason this identity is so new) it was a pretty minor deal. The vast majority of my experience is 'oh you're a girl?' and a bit of flirting.

Pictures of genitals is something I hear a lot about, but never gaming related. I can't help but think they just assumed gaming related harassment was the same as the harassment on online dating websites. Though maybe you'll hear differently from other women who respond.

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