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2nd Dec 2014 from TwitLonger

Hey @vincemcmahon - you asked what we wanted from @WWE so here you go. #WWE

I want all talent to work a ten month year, with two months off, on a rotational system which is worked as part of a long-term writing strategy from a central creative office;

I want a legitimate tag team division. Not singles folk pushed together. Actual long-term tag teams;

I want the Survivor Series to be elimination matches with a Survivors match to finish;

I want the King of the Ring event back;

I want KotR, the 'proper' Survivor Series, and MitB ringfenced as events where writers are able to shuffle the pack as required. Their narrative function is too important to overlook;

I want a strongly-booked IC belt, ditto a US TV title;

I want a few stables, with a few proper mouthpieces;

I want the occasional self-contained episodic story amongst the longer-term arcs. The recent courting of Ryback over one Raw was an example of this, even it wasn't done as well as it might have been;

I want a stop to non-title matches unless there's some story reason for them happening;

I want talent to have strengths pushed while weaknesses are worked on or around. Don't go giving someone a gimmick which requires heavy performance if they're not capable of it. They might be great in-ring workers and you're crippling that. It's senseless;

I want a stop to any and all 'Authority'-styled story. If I went to the movies and an hour in God started poking his finger into everything and calling all the shots, I'd be really pissed off. It's the same with wrestling in the end. Give me a Jack Tunney styled authority-at-a-distance, whose very mention is enough to elevate any incident to 'shit gets real' status;

I want you to stop being so afraid. Yes you're locked into a subscription model, and yes your audience is more fickle and arm-flailing than ever, but if you put on good matches each week with sound storytelling and a solid sense that this is actually going somewhere, they'll stick with it. Trust in that.

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