"All of B.A.P suing their company for 'Slave Contracts'."

(( note: there are some parts I have slightly shortened in order to translate a bit quicker. ))

Source: http://www.instiz.net/pt/2530903

[X-Sports News = Han Ingu reporter] All six members of B.A.P are filing a lawsuit to nullify their contracts with their company. According to the law offices, the B.A.P. members filed the lawsuit against TS Entertainment at the western Seoul law offices on the 26th of this month.

B.A.P.'s exclusive contracts with their company were formed in March of 2011, they're taking the position that their contracts were only beneficial to their company and have been nothing but unfair to the members.

Their contracts' clause stating that their contract period would last a minimum of seven years from their first album (rather than the date they signed their contract) is much longer than comparable contracts from other companies. Also their statement claims that the contracts do not follow the laws in place protecting the civil rights, explicit concent, right to personal privacy, etc. of entertainers from their companies.

It also includes a statement claiming the division of their income is only beneficial to the company, and they have had to deal with clauses putting them at a disadvantage in case of cancelling the contract or damages to the company.

Despite their unfair contract, since their debut in January of 2012 B.A.P. has released a total of 11 different albums and held concerts all around the world in Korea, Japan, China and even as far away as Mexico, and although the members have dealt with declining health have done their best for their fans.

Although we (the reporter) have attempted contact with TS to hear their side of the story, we have not been successful.

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