#Gamergate #OpIGDA Briefing!

#GamerGate #OpIGDA Mission Briefing:

The International Games Development Association has used a blocklist programmed by a power hungry Social Justice Warrior to create a blacklist, accusing 10+ thousand people being the 'worst harassers' ever. All of these are people who have been unjustifiably accused of this such crime.

These do not just include people who support #GamerGate. These include game developers, friends, families, asociates, business partners, and innocents who also had nothing to do with #GamerGate.

For example:

David Pakman was on the list which accuses us all harassers of women simply because he follows people of #GamerGate. He is a neutral reporter who has done a fantastic job of presenting both sides of the issue fairly.

Now why does this matter? This was a third party list created by an individual for blocking on twitter, but IGDA has used it to create a blacklist to silence the opinions and stories of all the people on it, denouncing them are harassers. They are innocent until proven guilty.

Why does this matter:
IGDA is one of the biggest non profit games development organizations in the world that supports independant developers. Creating a blacklist for an organization such as this is not only ethically wrong but against the law in most countries of the world. Even one of their employees got on it. As well as game developers.

The list has since been taken down from their official website, but it is archived online and they have given no apology.

That is unacceptable.

This behaviour must be answered for.

So we are going to do something aout it.

Prime Directives:
1: Contact IGDA and demand a formal apology for using the anti-GamerGate blocklist to accuse us of being the 'worst harassers ever' without due process. Here's the blocklist they used. https://blocktogether.org/show-blocks/5867111278318bd542293272f75147f8fc5931bea431e7ca16e9242964965d66494a6fb68f3518b82f171bcf0e419ccc?page=1

2: Secondly, E-mail the advertisers of #IGDA to make a statement. We will not tolerate being accused of crime, HARASSMENT without evidence.

I suggest e-mailing these organizations:

3: Show these organizations who they are advertising with and why you are unhappy, show evidence, articles, anything you can use!

We are Legion. We do not Forget. We do not forgive.

Good luck #GamerGate!

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