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20th Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

[Full Trans] Interview of @JYHeffect in Instyle Dec

Yonghwa said, “Today’s concept is the morning I woke up after drinking to the death, is it something like that?(laugh)”
The work I’m dreaming of : Since I have done trendy drama and historical drama, I want to give a challenge of movie next time. If I can work together with big seniors like Choi Min Sik, I’m ok even if it is a small role. I want to learn directly by watching them to act. I surely want to act in a movie directed by Bong Joon Ho who always constructs distinct genre with his own color.
The great man
Currently I’ve been watching Game of Thrones. In the drama, Peter Dinklage who plays the role of Tyrion Lannister is impressive. Because he was born with achondroplasia, his height is only 135 cm. But he not only overcame his physical limitation but also is able to showcase his charisma by acting naturally, which is really wonderful. Who is the nicest man among CNBLUE? Jungshin is nice with abundance of bright energy. Jonghyun’s appearance is really good looking. Minhyuk too. Me too. Since Four of us are very different in style, I can’t choose one. So let’s just take it that I’m the most awesome. (laugh)
Usual style (look)
I like to wear clothes that are comfortable and don’t look brand new. I like Martin Margiela sneaker which has painting on them. I wore exaggerated dramatic clothes in fashion pictorial shoot a lot but actually i never bought them. Today’s theme of clothes for pictorial shoot is my style. Is Kurt Cobain’s style with the ragged t-shirts, the faded jeans and the knitted cardigan? But actually I wear sweat pants usually.
Reality program
As I begin my activity either on acting or on singing, I surely want to appear a reality program that follows me all the time, I feel like to show the various different looks of me naturally through that kind of reality show. If I have to choose one reality program, I’ll choose Infinity Challenge Song Festival. It would be fun if I could be a partner with Haha sunbaenim. As I like reggae, It was so intense that he performed with band 10cm in its last broadcast.
Healing Time
If i could get holiday, i want to go travel to Europe. Probably Venice would be my first stop. To choose the memorable trip it was trip to Winery in Chile a few years ago. Warm sunshine, delicious food and aromatic wine. everything was fascinating. I can’t forget the trip to Seattle with my mom when I was in middle school too. My last hope for this year is to go on a trip with my family on Christmas once again.

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