One sad element of #GamerGate revolt is how it can be oxygen to the fuel of the more extremist, toxic SJWs: journalists, bloggers, even a few indie game developers. #GamerGate literally helps them thrive and grow by engaging.

It's not just unhealthy, it's counter-productive. People are wasting energy to engage in conversations that will lead absolutely nowhere. Does anyone really think that exposing SJWs' lies or, at best, half-truths directly to them will have any effect? If you do, you're wrong. If they cared about the facts, they would have changed their mind, or at the very least grew some doubts, I don't know, a month or two ago tops?

There is only one way in which replying to an extreme SJW makes sense: when it's not replaying to them. When the reply is for other people to see.

Sometimes I click on a tweet to see the replies. To get more info. To see what both sides have to say. I'm pretty sure a lot of moderates or curious people do the same. So this is an opportunity to put in a very civil, very calm reply. Preferably with a link or an image proving what's the truth/reality. Anything else, like trying to address the extreme SJWs directly or using aggressive language (big, gigantic, gargantuan turn off to anyone who isn't a hardcore #GamerGate-r) is counter-productive. Harmful to your cause.

That's it. Prepare the truth bomb (mind the language; bear in mind you write it to your potential future ally, not to the SJW you're replying to), drop the truth bomb, leave. One truth bomb per tweet, do not linger, do not engage further, do not make yourself look like an obsessive "sea lion". If you see someone already said what you wanted to say, just favorite that tweet to highlight it for others, move on.

Unless, of course, your goal is not win but to engage in everlasting conflict with no resolution ever. Then, by all means, keep doing what you doing :/

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