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19th Nov 2014 from TwitLonger


Okay, if it isn’t obvious enough I’ll be joining Plantronics Mindfreak. Over the last three weeks I’ve been in discussion with both my teammates and the MF squad throwing up the option of a team change. This was nothing personal towards my former team, this was what was best for myself (business decision). It may come across as selfish and I’ll accept that, but I understand people who have had the same opportunity as myself and have regretted it in future. I’ll always try put myself in the best position possible to win. Having the chance to team alongside arguably two of the best players in Australia was one of the biggest factors in this movement, and along with the unfortunate departure of Curse (which we only found out on Saturday) it seemed to ease the decision for me. For us Australian professional gamers, you don’t get many chances to compete internationally, so when you do you want to be as confident and comfortable as you can be in impacting the international scene, and I feel this Mindfreak team has the best chance to do so. In saying that, it’s not as easy as joining the team and godly things happen, a lot of dedication and hard work needs to occur and I feel like we all have the drive and motivation to make it happen. I also feel that the support Plantronics Mindfreak will show and give will also make it easier to focus on winning and giving back to the community.

I appreciate everything Issei and Hayden have done for me, also notable mentions to what Billie/Luke/Macka have done for me. We accomplished many feats and they have helped me in the development of myself as a player. They are good fellas and have made my experiences overseas, local lans, and online great, and even though I feel they are forgetting, are top players in the ANZ scene who can continue to be a threat and challenge as a top team. I wish them the best of luck with whatever they decide to do. I’d also like to thank Caleb for his time as our manager whilst in Curse, and hope everything goes well.

Anyway, I hope you guys understand where I’m coming from and why I made this decision, however if you disagree I understand why. Thanks for reading and thankyou to those who support me.

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