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17th Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

Official Statement Regarding The past 2 weeks events

A number of you in the community have been upset with Noble over the recent movement of things within the organization. Most of you have only gotten one side as we felt that we didn't want to get into the mudslinging that seems to be rampant on social media. We were going to continue to stay silent and then were attacked again today when a private conversation between org owners was released and we were singled out again.

Here is a timeline so everyone understands and hears it from our side and then you can make up your own minds, and continue to hate if you would like:

At Cbus Playoffs we had brought to the team the potential of bringing on another team. That if by some miracle we could get another league spot or get a group of better known players to come on that it would extend our reach and visibility and would make it easier for all of us, and give us some awesome press and grow the org as a whole. As a team, there were no issues as it didn't affect the current roster, which was said it wouldn't and everyone agreed.

Leading up to last week that was still the plan. We had spoken with the team captain (Sender) and he said no matter what he supported me and that this is a business and understands that any moves we make are best for the org. There were talks about potential dropping players, as we saw things that happened last season and the concerns about certain players not being old enough for COD Champs. We said to him that we should really sit and think about the situation as a whole and not just jump the gun.

The morning of Nov. 7th, Miyagi called us a number of times and we finally called him back and he was worried we were going to drop the team as he has been hearing "rumors". We told him that nothing has changed but this is a business so we have to see what we are going to do. There was never any mention of dropping the team, giving the league spot to another team, or having them play through open bracket. NONE OF THAT ever came out of our mouth at any time what so ever. He said they were going to scrim and we would talk later. Literally 3 mins later I get a message from him.

We tried to call back and number of times but there was no answer. Miyagi posted free agent. There was nothing we could really do. (Please look at the times)

We then started receiving messages from Slasher:

Later that day while the team, other than Sender as he knew everything that was happening put out negative statements we got into a call with Sender, with other people listening on Skype and heard what he said, what happened and how he was sorry that Slasher jumped the gun and let his ego take control. Then we got into a call with Chino, Miyagi, Sender, Slasher and Gucci and we were yelled at and belittled because that is the way COD is (according to them). Again, we said numerous times, no one is getting dropped, no one is taking the league spot, nothing is changing, but we was just cursed at and told we were lying as every other org and owner has done to the players in the past.

We have shown nothing but pride and appreciation for the opportunity we gave the players, and what they made out of it. We posted a number of times how proud we were and nothing was changing, but ego's got in the way and we were left no choice but to pick up another great and very skilled team.

We have provided nothing but love and respect for this community, and up until this happened and ego's and emotions got into the way with a ton of opinions and not facts, we had a very good reputation. We hope after reading this some of you will understand what happened and see the our side. We are not going to let people continue to bash the org that did what it did, and yes, the players took it there, but if it wasn't for us, there would have been no league spot, no funding for tournaments, nothing. Please understand our frustration and we hope you all see what had to happened here and how this was turned around on us, when it never should have been. As org owners, people do not see or understand that we keep it all going, that we try so hard to make people dreams come true.

Also, in regards to today, I have no intentions of holding them to their contracts, as when we tweeted that they were released it freed them of their contracts. We were merely making a point to some owners (and we assumed it was in good faith that it wouldn't get plastered on social media as we were grown-ups) that the players don't seem to take contracts serious and that they are LEGALLY binding agreements, that players need to start to realize this will have an effect on their careers/lives moving forward into the adult world.

We at Noble really do hate that things have taken place the way they did and we hope to move past this as an organization. We truly do love the community and we recognize the dedication that gamers put into perfecting their craft on a daily basis and we will continue to try our hardest to carry on the faith the community puts into Noble with pride and professionalism. Look forward to us putting into effect extensive actions to start holding not only players but organization and owners more accountable to start regulating eSports, just like you would see in the NFL or any other sport. You all deserve the absolute best from those that represent you in the community and we will rise up and deliver. Thank you all once again for your support and remember to, no matter if you are grinding out of house in wagers or you are helping support your family to always #StayNoble

I appreciate your time in reading.

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