Here is my entire chat with #Giants RB Peyton Hillis, including what the team told him about his future. On the Giants placing him on IR after suffering a concussion: "They told me because since this was my third concussion, they didn't want to take it too lightly. So, we are suppose to take another MRI on Monday to make sure that everything is still working fine because I'm still having symptoms right now.

On why he has to get another MRI:

"There are two different modes. It does like a regular MRI at first and then they wanted to do like a 15 minute extra. I told them it's tough for me being in that MRI because I'm so big and the noise just makes my head hurt when I'm in there. So, I told them I want to be in there for as little time as possible. So they're like, 'ok.' They came back and said they want to do more testing. They said, 'We want to do that extra 15 minutes, so we want to do the whole hour this time. So, just come back on Monday.' That's all I pretty much know right now."

On his ongoing symptoms:

"You know the fogginess. Headaches come and go. Stuff like that."

On if his head still hurts:

"My heads hurts, not all the time, it just comes and goes. If I get my blood pressure going it hurts, so I'm just trying to relax right now."

On how he feels about being placed on IR at this point in his NFL journey:

"It's tough, you know because you're right, I've been trying to get my career going again and it's just been really tough because I haven't had a lot of opportunities. But, I've been blessed to be on the team. It's crazy how one hit can take me out for the rest of the year. That's very depressing."

On how he got hurt:

"It was a catch over the middle. Some guys team-tackled me and my head hit the back of the turf. It was just one of those deals."

On what the Giants told him about his future:

"They haven't said anything yet. They told me to go home or take the rest of the time to heal. They haven't really told me anything else. I'm guessing they won't tell me anything until after the season."

On the time of his MRI on Monday:

"Around noon, somewhere around then."

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