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14th Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

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What is the Final Figure of the Armenian Genocide Victims(!)?

Most of the Photos in Armenian sites have been taken from Turkish archieves which are showing the armenian homicides in Turkish villages.

There is not a single Original Document in Yerevan Genocide Museum of BULLSHIT...
Please send email and
ask WHY.

See LIAR-menian VICTIMS(!) in theUSA Newpapers


What Would USA do if HispanicAmericans betray USA in WW like TurkishArmenians done to TURKS in 1WW.

Traitor betrayer Armenians trying to cover their betrayal to their own country Ottoman Empire with a GENOCIDE TALE.

Most of the photos were the The TURKS who were Killed by the back in their villages .

Turks were fighting with Allies in 1WW in 12Fronts.Armenians uprised and killed women olds kids ,babies in the MENless villages.

Now They are trying to cover their shit with a Genocide lie.

Here is the File about Armenian homicides in Ottoman Empire through USA newspaper clips and their links.


It was Over 3 M in 1970s,3M in 1980s,2.5M in 1990s.Suddenly Internet became stronger and it went down to over 2M.In 2000s it came down to Over 1.5m.In 2010-11 and 2012,13 they said the victims were 1.5m.But in 2014 24T%h The Anca has written a letter to CocaCola and mentioned " Over 1M Victims"

Are we negociating about the figure of the Victims(!) of the Genocide(!) .
Please let us know your final price ooppsss final figure :*)

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