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14th Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

[Trans] Kyuhyun Dad's Letter

To Son
Son~ There isn't any child who is not precious in this world, of course there isn't any child who is not special in this world too.

But you are a little special today. Because of you, dad feels happy
You have anticipated this dream so much, it is no longer just a dream.

Today is the day of release for the solo album which uses son's name, and people- no, although it is people who loves you like your parents that pushed you up the music charts, it is also the day your potential gets acknowledged, what a happy day this is!

In second year of high school, you said you wanted to be a singer
When I heard that you recorded a song then took up 2-3 different roles to harmonize and then recorded different versions

To let you give up this dream dad went to check the fees for recording an album, even if several hundred millions are invested the success rate is only 2%, hearing these you had no choice but to give up your dream.

At that time dad was thankful but always felt like I owed you something

But when you had an accident and almost died, it was this (releasing album) that dad regretted the most

Because there was a need to cut open your throat to insert the tube, but dad wanted to protect your voice so made a decision (to use other treatment methods), they said this might cause son's life to be lost, at that moment I was really hesitating.

When you were still unconscious in the ICU your representative Mr Lee rushed back to the country to visit you, promised dad and mum that even if you can't sing in future, will nurture you as an actor, but dad and mum only begged and wished for you to be saved.

You only gradually recovered after 5 days and the first thing you wanted to do was to take part in the 2jib because you couldn't take part in SJ's 1jib.

After schedules for 2jib came out
hospital suggested you can only fully recover after 6 months
you held on firmly to do your physiotherapy until very late
3 months later, the day you were brought to the practice room -

You were worried that during activities, you would have to go to the restroom with your body that was an inconvenience so whenever you went for practices or broadcasts you did not eat, seeing you like that, dad and mum felt sad and so secretly cried before.

But son!

An album that we've waited for more than 10 years - no matter what it is also considered our family dream - you gave a surprise without even revealing to parents
Today after listening to the showcase then found out starting from a few years ago you have kept working hard endlessly to prepare for your dream~

At the autumn showcase, listening to the songs in your album, felt son use his crying voice in late autumn, singing songs of love and regret, dad is no longer just a dad but felt touched as your fan.

Son, what dad couldn't do for you SM did it for you so must be thankful to the production team, especially must be thankful to that person who trusted and waited for you and kept his promise.
Regarding those who have the same dream as you, the fans who helped pushed you up to the first few positions of the music charts once the album was released, must be infinitely thankful for the rest of your life too-


You only came back from Thailand at midnight, seeing the killer schedules you had for the whole day, always felt that you are amazing.

Solo autumn showcase and musical (The Days) and SS6 world tour, you should feel very tired and as dad, want to tell you some words

The solo album which you have anticipated so much has been released and fans have enthusiastically pushed you up all sorts of music charts so now you can be more at ease

Even if you are not first, must be contented with the thing that was able to be left behind in this world with your name
Yet if the world gradually loses it's care for you, do not feel disappointed too.

You are already a public figure
Not just as family's son but hope you will grow as a public figure who is respected by all.

I love you son-

Cr: 강육상, 溺愛圭賢-孟
Eng trans: elf_ninida

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