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13th Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

LUCHA UNDERGROUND THOUGHTS! I am in love with this show.

Awesome episode.

If the goal here is do everything different than WWE they are succeeding beyond my imagination. Backstage skits that all have meaning instead of just being dumb comedy by guys clearing reading lines. Different styles of wrestling instead of everyone wrestling like they were popped out of a factory of chinlocks & being electro shocked if they aren't selling facing the hard cam for exactly 14 seconds during the heat segment. Charachters being developed with background stories rather than hey look it's a guy who dances & just wants to party! Why's he a wrestler? WHO KNOWS? IT'S COOL! TRUST US!

Killer main event. Spots, spots, spots. And if you expected anything different, you probably need to just stop watching now. They went out there to impress and did. So happy that crew will be a weekly fixture with more coming. Only thing missing was introduction pieces but I assume (actually know for 100% fact) those are coming in future weeks.

Wasn't sure how Mascarita Sagrada would come off since he is super green and needs to be carried but Mariachi Loco did a great job working with him and I think he got over huge. He can totally be a great sympathetic charachter associated with the top babyfaces and work with them in tag/trios matches.

The Mil Muertes squash was fun and perfect for those of us who wish squash matches would return.

But aside from the in-ring stuff I thought aside from the main event the backstage stuff & skits were the show stealers this week. The Mil Muertes bio was straight out of a charachter bio in a Mortal Kombat video game which is 100% right up my alley. I don't think there's an in-between here - either you are cool with the absurdity of the story or you think this is stupid.

The segment with Konnan warning Chavo and then Mil Muertes showing up established so much in just 2 minutes. So much groundwork for future storylines and charachters interacting who aren't feuding. So the opposite of WWE where when two guys are feuding it's like the rest of the world doesn't exist and when they finish feuding it's like they forgot it ever happened. Konnan is such an amazing talker.

Dario Cuerto is going to run away winning WON awards every year as long as this show stays on the air. Loved the cliffhanger. I presume this is the tease for Brian CAGE (since Dario was in a cage/prison)?

People not watching this show are missing out on what wrestling should be. Even if the style of wrestling isn't your thing there can't be any denying this promotion is making the look of WWE TV competely stale.

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