Heard back from the doctor today and I think I should post what I was told. For those who didn't see my last post, I've been having progressively worse digestive issues ever since getting over my infection. While I've always had minor digestive problems, I believed it to have been brought on by the strong medication I was on. I got test results back and I tested positive for a symptom that could indicate serious digestive disorders, probably meaning something was wrong for a long time and the medication simply caused it to hit a tipping point. While I don't feel sick, at the request of my doctor, I'm going to be spending part of this week in the hospital for testing. As such, I will not be updating Xenoblade Chronicles this week due to inability. I won't be home and will be on strong medication while being tested. Apologies for another big cliffhanger, but it seems Nemesis likes to strike when my health is poor.

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