But let's address his public lashing out and allegations regardless. "The least ethical behavior I’ve ever seen from a game journalist is probably @Totalbiscuit ‘s support of @AdamBaldwin ‘s toxic ideology."
So firstly I'm not a games journalist. Never have been, never will be. Doesn't matter, I still hold myself to ethical standards and built my audience because they trust me to be consumer-first at all costs.
Secondly, supporting AdamBaldwins toxic ideology? What exactly is his toxic ideology? I wouldn't know because I don't follow him and the only thing I care about when it comes to Adam Baldwin is how well he acts in stuff that I like watching. Claiming that #Gamergate is Adam Baldwins ideology is little more than a genetic fallacy. What Adam Baldwin thinks has no relevance to what is going on today when it comes to the discussion of ethics in games media.
Lastly, this seems overly politically charged to me. All I know of Adam Baldwin is he's right wing, but I'm British, so all you bloody yanks are right-wing crazies to me. This partisanship and condemning people based on their political leanings seems childish to me. Regardless, outside of today I've never mentioned the guy and don't intend to again, he's not relevant to the work I do.
"TB’s silence is deafening as he receives AB’s continued endorsement and defense."
This is an interesting idea. I endorse ABs political ideology because he talks about me on Twitter? Can't say I agree with that in any way.
"If Mel Gibson agreed with me on something, I would make it clear I want nothing to do with him."
Cool, that's a personal thing I guess. I wouldn't care because it had nothing to do with me and I don't engage in ad hominem fallacies in which I condemn the person instead of the argument. Even people I despise can still bring up valid points and dismissing them solely because I don't like them is what leads to echo chambers and narrow-minded viewpoints.
"He supports the movement AB started, and receives his ‘help’ without comment. That is strong tacit support for him."
I don't even read my own Twitter. Until today I had no idea Adam Baldwin was saying a damn thing about me and frankly I still don't care. I don't need any help from Adam Baldwin to do my job.
"They are the respective spokespeople for the anti-feminist branch and game journalism branch."
I am not a games journalist.
"If TB wants GG to be all about news, he has to very strongly separate those branches."
News? I want it to be all about journalistic ethics. I am also not responsible for the actions of others, anymore than I would blame Phil Fishs meltdown and attacks on me as your fault. I would love to focus on journalistic ethics, people like you are making it a hell of a lot harder to do that though.
"Complaining about RPS discussing issues with sexism in games"
Must have taken some digging to find that one. Shame the digging didn't extend to the apology I gave to @botherer right afterwards. - https://twitter.com/Totalbiscuit/status/321287253064310784 - Quotemining from over a year ago seems to be a tactic I'm seeing more and more lately. What I said was pretty dumb and based on reading too much Reddit aggregation and complaining.
"Does TB disclose his relationships with devs?"
Mate I disclose if I'm friends with a FRIEND of the dev. I also don't live in the Bay Area and hobnob with devs at parties. I've attended exactly zero industry parties in my time to the best of my recollection and I can count the number of devs I have a friendly relationship with on the fingers of one hand. That's called professional distance. I have actually met very few devs and only in a convention setting, where it's 20 minutes of playing their game and then off to the next appointment. I have actively disclosed anything further than that.
"I’ve asked directly many times. Deafening silence."
This probably has something to do with the fact that you posted it in the middle of the night. I apologise if my recovery from surgery is inconvenient for your Twitter-argument schedule ;)
" have seen several videos and never seen him mention it."
Perhaps that's because I didn't have any relationship with the developer? Why again would I disclose something that I didn't do? Here's how my business works. I live on the East Coast. I work out of my office. I don't go to studios. I go to very few industry events. I don't go and meet developers for drinks. My interaction with developers is almost solely done through my PR guy. He asks for code, I get it, I look at the game, I move onto the next game. That's it. Hobnobbing and rubbing shoulders with devs is something I avoid doing because it could colour my ability to give an honest first impression of their game. This doesn't seem too difficult to understand to me. You sending all this stuff has already compromised my ability to look at your game from a neutral perspective. That's why I avoid interacting with developers as much as possible. Apparently you don't seem to understand just how important that is though.
"Huh, I didn’t realize he was actually opposed to social justice."
"Social justice" is a completely nebulous idea that represents different things to different people, so is "feminism". By some definitions I am a feminist, by some I am not. There are some ideas that I oppose in these ideologies, some I support. I believe that all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality and creed are equal and should be treated as such. I believe in not slut-shaming women. I believe in a womans right to choose. I simultaneously believe that there are problems for boys in education and that some laws, particularly related to child custody are scewed against men. Feel free to try and label me, you will fail. My views are nuanced enough that they can't be defined by political buzzwords. One thing I will not support is people running around claiming to be proponents of "social justice", all the while spewing hatred, shaming people, dogpiling them, calling them shitlords and literal human garbage while chanting nonsense like #killallmen. Those aren't proponents of justice, they're bullies.
"Incidentally where were these people when Rab Florence got booted?"
Not your quote but I'll address it anyway. Well, I was making videos condemning his firing and supporting his career - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2keHyS_Ooo&channel=TotalHalibut
That was from 2012.
Now, if you have any more specific concerns might I suggest emailing me instead of throwing out uninformed soundbytes to your large audience. This is extremely silly.
I would ask all my followers to refrain from dogpiling this person. Harassment from his followers does not beget harassment in kind. Be reasonable and assume the best in people, thank you.