EchoFox #OTOD · @ProoF

6th Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

Best Fan Base :D

My time on OpTic Gaming has come to an end, was a blast playing with and bettering my friendship with those guys. Got live in Cali for a month to do some of the coolest training exercises Ill always remember and be thankful for. Bringing a championship home to the fans who I know bring the most noise and love for the time I was on the team :D Im just happy I can say I've brought more than one to the #GreenWall you guys deserve it and hopefully see many more 1st place finishes! As to the OG lineup, wish you all the best and goodluck in the future I know that team will in no way, shape or form disappoint the fans. With that being said F/A and only in time will I have a destination and idea as to what I want to do. Thanks again <3

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