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6th Nov 2014 from TwitLonger

As some of you might know, I started iUdicium Casting at the start of the year to build a platform for Xbox COD Casting. We have done a few tournaments and LANs and we had a blast. We then took a break as I got married. But like all good things, iUdicium Casting has come to an end...but with that being said...we moved up in the world. We are now part of @nAvGamingTV. Its the biggest eSports Broadcasting Organisation in South Africa and they run everything for DGL, DGC, Dreamhack, and the list goes on. We will be doing streams for tournaments, scrims, LANs, etc. Being part of @nAvGamingTV gives you guys, the competitive players, a HUGE platform to showcase your skills and will open doors for this community. I strongly suggest EVERYONE to follow @nAvGamingTV. The streams will all run from Make sure to follow the channel and like it to get all the notifications of when we stream. Also visit the site, for all your news and articles. I will also be a writer on the site to bring you the latest news, drama, and reviews.

I implore every single competitive player, social gamer and EVERYONE else to support the channel as this will be stage for the most epic matches...

We will also bring something to the viewer, the atmosphere of the match as well as giveaways.

Lastly, a huge thanks to everyone that supported us in the past and for everyone in the iUdicium Casting Team, we are doing it for you! Big thanks as well to the main guys at @nAvGamingTV for giving us this stage to perform on.
@nAvBurningred and @RidditZDota and everyone else at @nAvGamingTV

Community, its time to show your love for the game, and for taking a step forward...
Every single RT will be greatly appreciated to get message out there.

Much love!


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